How to Find the Right Rhythm in Indoor Cycling

Cycling is all about finding the right rhythm. The sport itself requires great stamina and resilience. As much as the sport requires power, cycling is also about endurance. The best way to build stamina and endurance is to train consistently and continuously. When you have found the inner rhythm, cycling comes naturally to you.

How to Build Stamina & Endurance

Stamina is the ability of your body to provide the necessary power to cycle forward in spite of the challenging terrain and harsh environmental conditions. Endurance is the ability of your body to do that continuously for long hours. Both stamina training and endurance training requires you to ride the cycle in challenging environments for longer duration. 

Not everybody who wants to improve in cycling, can find the time and place to cycle in our day to day lives. If you want to train your body without deviating too much away from your regular schedule then Indoor cycling is the best way to go. The process is simple. 

Show up everyday, cycle continuously till you are tired and then do the same for longer and longer. However, it is easier said than done. Cycling inside the closed spaces can become nauseous. That is why it is advantageous to have an Online cycling experience.

A Holistic Cycling Experience

If you want to get better at cycling, you need to train both your body and mind. When it comes to endurance sports, your mind needs to be strong. Perhaps, a little more than the physical strength itself. This is where an indoor cycling app like Vingo plays an important role. 

The app uses ANT+ sensors to detect your physical activity. It can gauge the cadence and speed of your cycle. If the cycle that you use is not in-built with the sensors, then you can also fit the same by buying the sensors separately.

So, what makes Vingo an unique app? If it is just the ability to pair with ANT+ sensors, then Vingo is not the first one to do so. There are 100s of such apps. Vingo provides a new and immersive experience to you. It gamifies your exercises and cycling. 

By using the app, you can send your own look alike / avatar inside the game. The game provides you scenarios in which you can explore new terrains and localities. The maps / areas of exploration can be changed as per your requirements. The visuals inside the app provide a natural and motivational experience. 

You can even find new people who are exploring the same locality. As of now the app is available only for Windows devices. Soon, you can also get the app for other platforms like Mac, iOS and Android, etc.

Step Up Your Cycling Experience in Your Home

If you want to step up your cycling game, then install the app today. Use the app to train consistently. Whenever you feel demotivated or stressed, you can find a friend whom you can challenge. Also, know that the developers of the app are providing the urgent care to give you a holistic and engaging experience.

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