NewsHow long should pest control last?


How long should pest control last?

Well there is no direct and straight forward answer to this question. Different types of pest control treatment have different lasting period and it also depends on the types of pests those invade your house. As per the experts the effects of a mild pest control treatment in London last around 3 weeks on an average while effects of extreme treatment methods can last up to 90days and more. As a matter of fact the duration for which a certain treatment is effective depends upon the type of treatment used and the treatment can be broadly classified in two categories – insecticides and rodenticide and there are also solid and liquid treatments.


Insecticides are used in pest control for targeting different types of insects like ants, termites, cockroaches etc. and efficiency and longevity of insecticides depend upon the form of the treatment used.

  • Liquid insecticides used for ant control give instant results and can be effective for a period of around two weeks. On the other hand, solid ant control treatments can be effective for around three weeks.
  • Cockroach control treatments are available in solid, liquid and gel forms and average length of these treatments is around six weeks. Heat treatment is also an effective cockroach controlling methods and the effects of it lasts around 120 days.
  • Termite control treatments are available in solid, powder and liquid forms. For best results in Pest control solid and powdered termite control treatments requires to be checked every 4 to 12 weeks but they can keep your house free from termites up to a period of one year. On the other hand, liquid termite control treatments can be effective for up to a period of 5 years. If you’re struggling to identify what you’re working with, perhaps these signs can help you decide on possum relocation.


Rodenticides are mostly available in solid forms to be used as baits and they are available in two types – first generation and second generation of which second generation products are more effective and a single feed is enough for keeling. Effectiveness of solid rodent control treatment depends upon the number of rodents present and also the position where the baits are placed. If it is strategically placed at the entry points through which rodents you may be required to check those out every 2 to 4 days. It is really difficult to determine how much rodent treatment is going to last and as those pests have the nasty habit of returning to property professional pest controllers often recommend regular pest control every 4 to 6 months for keeping house safe from the pests for a very long time.

There are a number of professional and experienced pest control services in Sydney who also offer effective Bird Control Sydney and hiring them can really help you in getting rid of all types of pests from your house. Homeowners will do better to understand that pests keep coming up and depending upon expensive one-time solutions is not a good idea. For best results regular pest control at a certain interval of time depending upon the types of pests you have at your home will yield the best and long-lasting results without requiring you to spend heavily for those.

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