NewsHome Improvement Projects: Contractors to Hire,  Cost, Licenses, Quality


Home Improvement Projects: Contractors to Hire,  Cost, Licenses, Quality

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An experienced roofing firm or your insurance company can check your roof if the obvious damage isn’t enough. Roof repair prices can range from $5,000 to $10,000, even with insurance, depending on the material,size, angle, and number of layers. In Arizona, it’s customary to do both roof repairs as well as new roof installations.

A homeowner will only employ the contractor to fix or replace their roof if there is an issue with the roofing, which usually means there is a leakage within the house. Both homeowners & contractors should take photos of leak damages before repairing it, says Breanna Bang, Arizona Registrar for Contractors’ public information liaison. “AZ ROC far too frequently receives complaints against  contractors who patched  leaks or replaced roofs and investigators are often unable to establish when leakage began; if this was prior to or later after the completion of the engaged contractor’s work.”

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Prior to the installation of solar panels, it may be necessary to repair the roof. Arizona is consistently rated as one of the top states for solar, and it’s easy to see why, given Tucson’s 350 plus summer days yearly. Before you put up solar panels, check to see whether your roof needs to be fixed or replaced. Solar panels have a long lifespan over thirty years, and so you can’t imagine having to replace them anytime soon. You must also check the materials your roof is built of; solar panels perform best on robust materials like concrete tiles or asphalt shingles.  If the roof is comprised of clay or wood shingles, a customized solar installation might well be required.

Project Sunroof, Google’s solar initiative is a useful tool for analyzing solar benefits, comparing financial strategies, and mapping out the best locations for solar resource.

As a final word on smart house repairs, I’d like to point out that undertaking home renovation projects come with more risks than simply not having a license. Scams in the construction industry and bogus house repairs are also frequent in the state, with estimates stating that they occur daily. These include those who solicit and provide “dubious or substandard construction services,” including roofing repair, asphalt repair, and painting.

Unlicensed persons have travelled from out-of-state during the monsoon and wildfire seasons to storm & fire-affected areas so as to target damaged homes and property owners in Arizona, Bang stated. The majority of the time, these people will promise to make repairs for a modest price and begin right away. Some homeowners who have suffered damage are eager to have the damage fixed, so they are willing to pay a deposit or a signed insurance check to the repair company. In many cases, unlicensed workers just leave the job after a short period of time, without doing any work.

Stop these frauds by rejecting door-to-door salespeople who provide cheap construction, by doing license checks and getting a formal contract which incorporates all of the proposed services, pricing and dates. If you think you’ve been duped, call the Tucson office of the Arizona Registrar of Contractors at (877) 692-9762.

If a contractor and homeowner cannot agree on a payment schedule, it might lead to arguments. As per the Registrar, payment schedules for large scale projects typically start at roughly 10%, at signing of the contract, followed by 3 installments of 25% equally spaced payments during the project’s lifespan and then a check for only the final 15%.

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