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Here is What You Can’t Do on Instagram that Others Can


Instagram has been a part of everyone’s lives for a quite some time. But, the Instagram you know, as a regular user, is a bit different than the Instagram that is known to some of the more exclusive users. In today’s article, we’ll talk about all the cool things that some of the well-connected users on Instagram can do. We’ll discuss everything from how people can get Instagram usernames from inactive accounts to how they can get a profile verified. Beyond that we’ll discuss about merges, unbans and ban requests. Let’s get started!

Claim Inactive Usernames

Ever wondered if you can get inactive usernames on Instagram? Well, yes. Only if you are well-connected. It’s no secret that almost all good usernames on Instagram are taken. Majority of which, aren’t even in use. In other words, there usernames out there, that are perfect and not even in use.

If you’re one of those that have links to reputed social media or digital marketing agencies, you’d have an easy way to get around this. Contrary to popular belief, its pretty simple and easy to get an inactive username assigned to you. All you need is an agency that has a media portal via which they can apply for a claim request for you. And, within a matter of hours, the username is yours.

Yes, can cost a pretty penny, but can you really put a price on digital branding?

And no, you don’t need ‘trademark’ documents or any non-sense paperwork. I mean, the username you want is inactive. And you want it. And you should be able to get it. That’s how things are if you raise a request via a reputable social media agency.

Get Verified in Hours

Think of this. The self-application form for verification on Instagram is ‘new’. People have been getting verified way before that. How did they do it? Did Instagram hire an army of employees just to scout for famous people from every single country in the world and award them a blue tick? Of course not!

Same as how to get Instagram usernames from inactive accounts via a media agency, you can apply for verification via them too.

Almost all musicians, artists, actors, public figures, writer, politicians have someone who manages their online presence. Such management companies can request for verification badges directly with the Instagram internal team.

Of course, you still need to ‘qualify’ for it. But, as you can imagine, an internal application raised by a reputed agency holds a lot of weight versus millions of people randomly filling out a form in the app.

All you do is have your agency submit an internal request, it is then reviewed by an operator on Instagram, and within a few hours, you have the coveted blue tick next to your name.

Merge Multiple Accounts

We are now getting to something that may sound like a fantasy to the regular user. Instagram can merge multiple accounts. And this again, is something that is very accessible to large brands and well-connected individuals.

Think of this. Let’s say you’re a brand with 4 million followers on Instagram. And, lucky for you, a multinational corporation has purchased your company. But they’re rebranding your business and merge it with their existing one. This happens more often than you would imagine.

So, how do we migrate all these followers from your company to the one that purchased you? We merge the pages.

Here is what merge means. Let’s say you have two pages – @hudabeauty and @hudabeautytips and both have considerable number of followers. You have now decided you only need one page going forward. So, you want to merge @hudabeautytips into @hudabeauty. This means, everything on @hudabeauty stays intact – the posts, the videos, the reels, the bio. And the followers from @hudabeautytips are transferred to the @hudabeauty account.

Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? But it happens more commonly that you would think.

Unban Locked Accounts

What do you do when you’re locked out of your account, or worse hacked? Well, you submit the online public form and make an ‘appeal’. And you hope that a human from Instagram looks over your case.

Well, if you’re a well-connected individual with a reputable digital agency backing you up, you send an internal request directly via a media portal to Instagram. And this means, an individual from Instagram goes over your issue within hours and gets it solved for you.

Imagine you’re a celebrity, and your account is locked or hacked. Do you think you’d go submit an online form? Of course, not! You’ll call your management company and give them a good yelling. They, in turn, will reach out to their media management company and have them raise an internal request with Instagram.


The world of social media is fascinating. In the end, these are just companies like any other brand. And, if you know the right people or have the right connections, you have almost anything get done. Again, we are not saying you can verify random accounts on Instagram even if they hold no merit, nope, that is not the case. But there is a quicker, easier, and simpler line of communication for social networks that gets things done faster. And, working via social media agencies that are well-connected with the internal teams at social network, is the way to go.

Whether you’re looking to get Instagram usernames from inactive accounts, or if you’re failing to get verified via in-app submission – all of these are things that can be done within hours with the social media agency. Yes, it’s going to cost a bit to hire a social media agency to represent you and send requests on your behalf, but, if you’re someone who is keen on having a professional, consistent, and clear online identity, then this would be one of the best routes to take. In the world of digital media, having a clear and concise identity is everything. Whether you’re a brand or an individual, having the perfect username, being verified, and having access to unique features can help you build up your community faster. And, with that, I’d like to conclude this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it! Until next time. 😊

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