Guide to Finding Affordable Accommodation in Bangalore

Heading to Bangalore to kickstart your dream job? Congratulations! You’ve put in a lot of effort and research to get there, and since you were meticulous and considerate when you were evaluating your job offers, why should you let the standards slip when it comes to searching for an accommodation?Checking for a nearby ladies hostel that’s close to your office isn’t good enough. You need to ensure that the accommodation you find is of a high quality and standard, within your budget, and offers you the comforts and amenities that you need in life. So, don’t just pick the first place you see. Let our easy guide show you the way to finding the best and most affordable accommodation in Bangalore.

Plan and research

Choosing the best accommodation for yourself can only be possible when you know what you want. The first thing you need to determine is the location. Bangalore is infamous for its heavy traffic, so you don’t want a place that’s too far from your office. This will also help you cut down travel costs. Shortlist a few neighbourhoods around your place of work and try to focus your search on these areas. Once you’ve decided that, you need to determine your budget too. Remember that you can probably afford a better location or residence if you’re willing to live with roommates than if you want to live alone, so factor this into your research.

Decide what’s essential to your lifestyle

Everyone has different lifestyles and preferences. If you’re vegan or have several food allergies, you might prefer to cook your own meals. But if you’re not a picky eater and don’t have time for the kitchen, you might prefer to use a tiffin service or a hostel which serves meals. Think about what facilities and amenities you need your residence to have. Some of these can be essential, while others could just be bonuses. Again, your budget will determine whether you opt for a basic hostel which serves food and provides electricity, versus a professionally managed space like Stanza Living which will provide you with all that and more like high speed internet, professional housekeeping services, an in house gym, common lounge and more.

Skip the broker

If you’ve managed to filter your search so far, it’s pretty obvious that you don’t need a broker to help you find the perfect accommodation for yourself. So, take advantage of the resources available on the internet and don’t go for a broker unless necessary. All you’ll need to do is pick a location of your choice and run a search for a ladies hostel near me. Use your research about amenities and budgets to guide your search and shortlist a few properties for viewing. You can set up appointments with the landlord or the warden and arrange to see them in person. This allows you to skip the middleman and directly speak to and negotiate with the owner or manager of the property. And of course, you’ll be able to save on the hefty brokerage, which is always a great advantage.

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Check the hygiene and safety

No matter how nice a hostel or PG looks on paper, you need to see it in real life to get the true picture in terms of security and sanitation. It’s really not worth it to skip on either of these factors just to save a few rupees. Especially now, when a global pandemic has given us a lesson in better hygiene. Apart from health, physical safety is equally important. You should opt for a hostel that has proper surveillance systems, preferably with CCTV monitoring and not just a guard at the gate. Find out about the guest policy as well so you can have an idea about how often to expect strangers in your space. Similarly, when it comes to hygiene, the truth will only become clear when you step into the building. Make sure you ask for a tour of the kitchen so that you can see about the cleanliness standards of the food being prepared. If you’re going to be sharing washrooms, make sure that you check them out in advance, and ask how often they are cleaned. Talking to some residents will also give you a good idea about the day-to-day life in the hostel.

That’s how you should do your research in order to find the perfect and most affordable accommodation for yourself in Bangalore. Apart from all this, its equally important to ensure you have clear written contracts and transparent payment arrangements with your landlords. Now, go ahead and start looking!

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