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Get Free Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Predictions with the Best Astrology App

The concept of astrology has been in existence for many centuries. Many are fond of it even today. If you are seeking the most suitable astrology application for daily, weekly, and monthly predictions, you can have a look at the following list.

Top Astrology App for Android and IOS

1. Astroyogi Astrology

Astroyogi Astrology app provides online live chat/consultation with my astrologer. You can now have a conversation with nearly 2000 + expert astrologers, tarot readers, Nadi astrologers, KP astrologers, Vastu experts, and numerologists of the country. Astroyogi has been there for almost 2 decades and tried to guide many individuals to bring happiness in their lives. The app is updated with lots of new features, such as Kundli matching, Free Kundli, etc. With the Astroyogi app, you can have the opportunity to make the most of the Kundli matching feature.

2. The Daily Horoscope

The Daily Horoscope is among the most preferred and downloaded astrology applications worldwide. With this astrology app, you can get day-to-day precise future predictions related to your moon signs. As well, you can get monthly, weekly, and even yearly predictions. The app comprises zodiac traits for every sign and even zodiac sign compatibility. It features a yearly Chinese horoscope, according to the Chinese calendar. You can even go through horoscopes of the previous day, and get optional push notifications for making sure that you will never fail to see a daily forecast.

3. Daily Horoscope AstrologyZone by Susan Miller

The day-to-day predictions from this astrology app by Susan Miller are often quite accurate and are typically inspiring. You’ll get the shorter day-to-day horoscopes in the free version, whereas the paid users can enjoy more comprehensive readings every day. The users of this application can access today, yesterday, and tomorrow’s reading whenever they want. It even features a list of major astrological dates and a library of Miller’s essay telling about the shades of planetary movement. The application even provides Miller’s thorough per month readings for free.

4. Sanctuary Astrology

This astrology application is smooth, and you can obtain free daily readings from expert astrologers who have been constructing the planets and stars for a long time. The app features an interactive natal chart with in-depth details on your astrological positions and planetary profile. The user will get a power emoji every day on the basis of their zodiac sign. A well-written free per month horoscope for every zodiac sign is also there in the application. It even provides the users with lessons on the fundamentals of all zodiac signs so that they can widen their acquaintance with astrology overall. Additionally, you can choose Sanctuary to get a daily dosage of astrology in history, pop culture, etc.

5. Sun Signs

Sun Signs is a great astrologer application that has numerous features for the users to get a great amount of knowledge and wisdom of the stars. This application provides day-to-day readings on career, wealth, wellbeing, love, and more. It even provides weekly and monthly horoscopes for every sun sign. With this free astrology app, you can come across links to premium psychic readings on It also offers insight and advice from expert astrologers in tarot. Opt for the paid version to take the best advantage of its key features.

6. Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot

This app provides an extensive range of readings telling everything related to love, career, and financial problems. It makes use of the planets’ placement for offering you a great day-to-day horoscope. Every week, the user will obtain various weekly readings, as well as, they’ll have their yearly and monthly horoscope to have a glance at what will going to happen in the forthcoming years. For the loving people, the daily prediction will expose the zodiac sign that will be their love match. You can even check the compatibility ratings for any 2 zodiac signs.

7. AstroSage Kundli

In case you want something a bit unique from a western horoscope, you can count on AstroSage Kundli. This astrologer application is rooted in Indian or Vedic astrology that denotes a zodiac system reported in the holy ancient Vedic scriptures. The app includes weekly, monthly, daily, and annual readings. Moreover, it offers the user the natal chart or Kundli on the basis of Vedic astrology. The user can check compatibility between two individuals for marriage through Kundli matching. With the AstroSage Kundli app, you can easily download natal charts and matchmaking PDF files. It even presents a bunch of Vedic astrology features for free. It might lag on some occasions, but overall it is good.

Final Verdict 

The app also comes in many regional and local languages, such as English, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Marwari, and Punjabi. This means now you can converse with the top online astrologer experts in a language in which you are most comfortable.

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