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To date, many are planning to leave for work, most of whom are men. Which countries are popular with job seekers for foreign jobs?

  • Poland;
  • Czech;
  • Germany;
  • Italy;
  • USA, Canada.

In Europe, handymen can receive from $ 500 per month, and the average salary of highly qualified personnel is $ 1,000. The position of the waiter enjoys the prestige – the rate is doubled due to the tip.

The request “looking for a job abroad” has not lost its popularity for more than 5 years, but the geography of moving is constantly changing.

How to find a job abroad?

The company that deals with your employment must have a license to work abroad, allowing such activities.

Make sure that the visa documentation you draw up is notarized (including copies), meets international requirements, and has “wet” stamps.

Almost everywhere, official employment involves the payment of taxes. The employer must inform you about all the nuances of taxation in advance. Do not give your documents to anyone!

The website of vacancies abroad Layboard will help with finding a decent job in the desired country.

Depending on your qualifications, work experience and knowledge of foreign languages, we will select a suitable vacancy. The highest chances of finding a good job in different countries of the world are among highly qualified specialists in the field of information technology, medicine and hospitality. Moreover, Singapore can also be a great consideration for job opportunities. You can visit this site to find detailed guidance on work permit quota for service sector in Singapore.

What are the most demanded jobs for foreigners?

IT specialists (all developed countries)

The work of an IT specialist is like virtual reality.

Now this profession is one of the highest paid in the world and is in great demand in all developed countries.

Moreover, foreign employers are often ready to pay not only for your flight and visa, but also fully provide you and your family with everything you need: housing, food and others. It is most profitable to leave for the USA, Canada and Great Britain for this specialty. The monthly salary of an IT specialist abroad starts from $ 1000 and in some cases reaches $ 10,000.

Builders (Poland, Canada, Russia, Turkey)

Foreign employers know and appreciate workers from the countries of the former USSR, and Ukrainians are in particular demand. This is probably due to the fact that with good performance and qualifications, labor costs employers much cheaper and more profitable than paying their fellow citizens with similar skills.

But this does not mean that if you know how to hammer nails and lay bricks, then you can collect things. You will need to prove your high qualifications, have at least three years of experience in a similar position and for official registration (in Canada) – you will need knowledge of the language. It is easier to get a job in Russia and Poland, but the salary there is not too high (2-4 times lower than in the USA or Canada). Builder salaries abroad depend on experience and skills, starting from $ 700 / month. and reaching $ 4000.

Qualified doctors

Abroad, doctors are valued and respected.

Having a good education and experience of more than three years behind your back, plus knowledge of at least English, will provide you with the opportunity to earn decently in another country. But to get a job there, you will need to learn and pass the local language at least at a basic level.

If you have really big ambitions and you do not doubt your professionalism and can prove it, you will be gladly received in the States and Canada. A doctor’s salary abroad starts at $ 700 (in Poland, a good specialist will be paid about $ 3000 / month), and the best conditions are in the USA – a doctor’s salary in the United States reaches the mark of $ 15-20 thousand / month.

Engineers (technologists, designers) (Canada, Russia, USA)

Those who cannot imagine their life without working with technology, designing and having the appropriate education are very valuable and in demand in the modern world!

Foreign employers provide a qualified engineer not only with a comfortable move and residence, but also with all the proper conditions, and he will not offend him with a salary.

The salary of an engineer abroad is from $ 1000, in Canada and America the average salary is about $ 3-4 thousand / month.

Truck drivers (Canada, USA, Poland, Ireland)

Truck drivers are very popular, especially with international experience of three to five years.

Such a profession pays very well, but the conditions are also not easy – long distances from 1000 km / flight, constant passage of customs, borders, and in general the specifics of the work.

Truckers’ salaries abroad start at $ 1,500 / month. and depends on the length of service and the kilometers traveled.

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