NewsFor Ana Fajardo Success is Helping Others

For Ana Fajardo Success is Helping Others


It has been said if you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life. That saying has also been accredited to more than a few people, from Twain to Anthony. For Ana Fajardo, regardless of who spoke it first, this adage has also proven to be true.

An Unexpected Career

Two traits of Fajardo’s character were evident, even from the beginning; her kindness and her natural people skills. If Fajardo had become a doctor, missionary, or volunteer, nobody who knew her would have been shocked.

In all fairness, from organizations like the St. Jude Church to charities like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, she does volunteer her time and money. What those who know her might not have imagined, however, is a career in finance.

An Unexpected Discovery

Her business savvy and strong communication skills led her to pursue a degree in business and marketing at Sam Houston State University. It wasn’t until more than a decade later, however, that Fajardo discovered an opportunity that would change the trajectory of her life and her career.

After spending the first ten years following her collegiate tenure honing and sharpening her skills, a position with Fortune House International was the opportunity she didn’t know she was looking for – and in the financial arena too. It was in the realm of finances that Fajardo also realized that she could help others.

Namely, those financial opportunities were wealth management and retirement planning services. It was in this environment that Fajardo found her calling and her success.

“If You Do Something You Love…”

Ana Fajardo has always felt the inclination to help others, and her love of people and her people skills make her well equipped to do so. Adding those intangibles to her business knowledge and financial expertise made it a perfect fit for her and her clients.

Today, as Senior National Director at ValuTeachers, Fajardo is not only doing something she loves but also helping others. Is it work? Well, you may have to ask Fajardo that question, although it is safe to say we already know the answer.

Sometimes the perfect situation comes in the most unexpected places. There is more than one way to help people, and what better way than to help them find peace and financial retirement security?

Finding Success Helping Others

To say Fajardo found her success via helping others is an understatement. The truth is, she found much more. While her track record and portfolio are impressive, from wealth management to retirement planning, what makes her work fulfilling is the joy of helping others.

More than two decades ago, Ana Fajardo became a successful entrepreneur by consulting clients on investments and retirement plans. Now, she is teaching others and continuing to find success and joy along the way.

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