Five steps Mobile Application development process from start to finish

Great apps start with ideas. If you don’t have an idea yet, Try to train yourself to think in the corner of the problem and various possible solutions; let the brain practice thinking until it becomes a habit. Why do we usually do this? Is there a better way to solve this problem? If we identify the problem and the inefficiency of the current market. You are halfway through this step.

The next step is to understand why this wisdom still exists. So why hasn’t anyone created an enterprise applications development  framework to solve this problem for a long time? Talk to other people about this problem. Put yourself in the world of this problem as much as possible. After fully understanding the problem, I started to think about how the mobile app could solve this problem. In this section, if we have technical knowledge about what mobile apps can do will help a lot Because we will not come up with any unconventional ideas and will consume a lot of energy. or almost impossible to develop

  1. Plan

1.1 Study competitors

After getting the idea, We have to develop a plan for our app to be successful; the first thing we should start with is analyzing competitors. Find apps that serve a similar purpose and see the information of Downloads, see if people use it.

Reviews and ratings See if people like this app. So what does he like or dislike?

Company history See if the company is doing well. So what problems did you encounter along the way? and see how they can build their user base

The two main objectives of this step are

learn as much as possible Because mistakes have their price. Whether it’s time, stress, or money, you usually have to go through a lot of trial and error. To find the point, that is. Learning from competitors saves a lot of time. Wave maker RAD will help you.

Learn how difficult it is to get involved in this market. How do people want a new way to solve this problem? How many people are not satisfied with the old way? understand this gap and adapt our ideas to fit the space there.

1.2 Earning

There are several ways to earn money, such as in-app purchases, monthly subscriptions, freemium/premium feature, ads, data sales, or the standard model is a paid app, pay before loading. The way to choose is to see what market you want to pay. And now, how do they pay with similar services? Another thing to think about is When do we start collecting money? Because many apps, especially startups, skip this step. When I come back and think again, it’s not too late. can’t make a profit.

1.3 Marketing

This step is to identify how we can market our app. What is the biggest obstacle? Let’s say you have a team of designers and devs that can create awesome apps. The next hurdle is how to get people to load. There are tons of beautifully designed and functional apps on the store unloaded. So you need to know your budget. and how you do your marketing and write it out.

1.4 Road Map

The final step in planning is to lay out the roadmap. This step is to make sure everyone on the team understands what the finished app will look like. And what is needed to be successful on the first day of the product release is this first version of the product Minimum Viable Product (MVP). In this step, we will write down everything we want the app to do and then put them in order of importance. See what the core is. What attracts users to start using ours? And anything to add on the back If something we think the user will want, They should do it later. Because after we get a certain level of users with MVP, we can know better what the next feature should do from feedback that users want, and the analytics that we have installed are beneficial. Enterprise web application development platform is essential for business.

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