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Fantasy Sports Today And What It’s Future Could Look Like

If you haven’t yet heard about fantasy cricket, you need to know about it. More than 59 million people worldwide play fantasy sports, and the numbers keep on increasing by a million or two each year. According to a 2019 survey, about 81% of fantasy players are male, while 19% are female. In addition, about 50% of them are between 18 -34 years old, the average age being 37.7, and 67% are full-time employed.

Fantasy sports are gaining popularity due to the rising internet penetration among the younger population; due to online applications and other related activities. Furthermore, the emergence of next- generation technology like 5G and the quick adoption of smartphones are expected to fuel online fantasy sports.

So what are fantasy sports? Fantasy sports allow fans of any sport to test out their theories about how one should play and which players work well together. It’s a great combination of creativity and knowledge, so it’s no wonder there are countless leagues for each sport buzzing with the competition.

You might ask, which fantasy sport is the most popular? It depends from one country to another; each country has its most popular sport. So, for example, in America, you have American football with around 35 million players, and in the United Kingdom, you have fantasy football with roughly 8 million users. And as you might have guessed already, Fantasy Cricket is the most popular fantasy sport in India is.

One apparent reason is that cricket is widely popular in the country, with around 50% of the population watching the sport each year. So it’s no surprise that fantasy cricket has found millions of fans across the country. Football might be the world’s favorite sport, but it is cricket for India. The popularity of fantasy cricket or fantasy sports, in general, is increasing day by day in the country. It is evident by the huge fan base, and as per a recent survey, there are around 33 million fantasy sports players in India.

The fantasy sector has seen rapid growth due to smartphones and new apps that have made participating in fantasy sports easier than ever. As a result, fantasy sport has become a massive phenomenon in the country and will likely overgrow with time and technological advancement. Hence, there is no denying that fantasy sports have gained prominence as one of the favored online applications among sports lovers.

Many leagues and tournaments have now been embracing the idea of fantasy sports. They have started to team up with fantasy platforms or create their apps, and fans have become more engaged with their favorite teams and players.

Fantasy leagues offer an extra level of excitement for fans, who now have a vested interest in the performance of specific players. So, if a sport has a fanbase, creating a fantasy element is a good option. Also, some people use bookie software to increase their excitement of games. You can do one or both, and make the most of each game.

And if you genuinely want to understand why the fantasy sports sector is booming and is are as popular as it is nowadays, maybe it’s time you try playing it and find out for yourself.

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