Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Sugarcane Machine

People today have opted to try various healthy traits such as exercising and even changing their diet. Because of this, the demand for healthier foods has risen. Today we will look at one particular healthy drink; sugarcane juice, and we will talk about factors to consider when buying a sugarcane juice machine.

A sugarcane juice machine does exactly as its name suggests, it’s a device used to extract sweet juices from the sugarcane plant. They come in different sizes depending on the amount of workload. It also differs in the type of automation that the machine offers; others require more manual effort, while others are simply a plug-and-play kind of machine.

Below are several factors that you must consider before purchasing a sugarcane machine.


This fact often comes first in almost everyone’s mind before purchasing anything. The same also applies when buying a sugarcane machine. The cost depends on various factors such as the size of the contraption. The larger the machine, the more work it can do hence, the more costly it will become. Likewise, if the sugarcane machine is smaller, its cost is also relatively low.

Maintenance costs should also be accounted for. How much does it generally cost to repair the machine in case it breaks down? This is a crucial factor to consider, especially when thinking long-term.

Purpose of the Machine

This mainly factors into where it will be utilized. Is it for domestic use such as homes or for commercial use such as business or even in factories? This question determines the sugarcane juice machine price in Kenya. For general commercial purposes, it requires a larger size and more automation to serve its purpose. For more domestic use, a relatively smaller machine can serve its purpose.

A more automated system is relatively more expensive since it makes work trouble-free and is faster to use than its counterpart which requires manual labor to operate.


How long the machine lasts. The main problem machines often have is breaking down earlier than expected. This results in various issues, especially in the commercial use of the sugarcane machine. This factor is crucial since a sugarcane machine has a lot of workloads. It can easily break if its model is not durable enough. It also requires proper care and maintenance and sings the sugarcane efficiently while still ensuring that it is properly maintained after a set period.

Extraction Capacity and Quality

This is generally a key element of a sugarcane juice machine, the quality, and capacity of juices that can be acquired from a single sugarcane plant. The higher the extraction capacity directly affects the price of the machine. Its price is also affected by the quality of the juice extracted, some machines offer finer juice extracts than others. Other devices are also generally faster than others and are likely to be more expensive than others.


Various factors should be considered before purchasing a sugarcane machine. The above factors are just a few features but are crucial in their own right. There is high popularity of healthier drinks hence, it has been in high demand. A venture that is highly recommended.

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