Experts Global – A Pioneer in GMAT Prep and MBA Admission Consulting

Experts Global, founded in 2008, has earned its worldwide reputation by offering students and professionals high-quality intellectual guidance through cutting-edge technology platforms. Its comprehensive GMAT training package has gained the trust of students and professionals alike, and has become a top choice for countless learners worldwide. With an unmatched track record and team of professionals, Experts’ Global has earned the trust of students all over the world.

Experts’ Global

As a worldwide leader in equipping students with both GMAT prep and MBA admission consulting solutions, Experts’ Global, since its commencement in 2008, has built up a global reputation and helped students from over 50 countries realize their higher education aspirations.

Experts’ Global, offers personalized services to students from all over the world. With its extensive resources, experts at Experts’ Global help students improve their GMAT scores and get into the programs of their dreams. Here are a few reasons why students choose Experts’ Global over other firms. Read on to learn more about the company and its services.

Founded by Mayank Srivastava, Experts’ Global is a company with a mission to get every Indian into the top 50 B-schools of the United States. Since its inception in 2008, Experts’ Global has contributed to the Etch industry by developing cutting-edge products and producing well-researched content on GMAT preparation. Thought Leaders and passionate teachers have helped thousands of students score high on the GMAT.

Its GMAT prep program

The expert consultants at Experts’ Global know the ins and outs of the ISB admissions process and are experienced with applying to this popular MBA program in India. With an annual intake of over 900 students, the ISB is one of India’s premier business schools. Every year, many Indian students take the GMAT to get into ISB. Thousands of students have benefited from the expert services offered by Experts’ Global.

The Experts’ Global GMAT prep program is unique in several ways. Students can attend a live classroom session with the founder, Mr. Srivastava, who holds a 99th percentile score in the GMAT. Besides the live classroom course, Experts’ Global offers access to their online GMAT prep resources, including three hundred instructional videos, over four thousand practice questions, and 15 full-length tests.

Its interview training process

Founded in 2008, Experts’ Global provides end-to-end admission consulting to students preparing for the GMAT exam. Its individualized approach helps students get into top business schools and has helped countless students gain admission to the best colleges worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of students have benefited from its high-tech GMAT preparation program. Here’s what makes Experts’ Global’s interview training process so effective.

Interview training is an essential component of GMAT preparation. Experts’ Global’s interview training process has helped thousands of students in over 50 countries achieve stellar GMAT scores. It includes a series of mock interviews led by a personal expert mentor, instructional videos, and a questionnaire that contains the top 30 interview questions. You’ll also be given access to their exclusive GMAT preparation video library, which explains each question in detail.

Admission Interview Preparation

No MBA admissions consultancy process is complete without interview preparation, considering the especial importance of interviews. Accordingly, Experts’ Global has formulated an excellent interview training process in order to assist students worldwide. Based on student-mentor collaboration, the process is centered on mock interviews conducted by the mentor. The training program starts off with a 15-video series that lays out the basics of a good MBA admissions interview performance. After completing the same, the student fills out a questionnaire of the 30 most commonly asked MBA interview questions. The student’s responses to the same allow the interview mentor to understand their weaknesses and strengths, and the consequent mock interviews are structured accordingly. Each mock ends with a comprehensive feedback round.


The founder of Experts’ Global, Mayank Srivastava, has been a prominent figure in the GMAT prep industry for over a decade. His dedication to helping students achieve their goals and delivering quality education through technology has won the company international recognition. While some GMAT preparation companies may focus on the preparation of the test, Experts’ Global focuses on delivering individualized mentoring for students at an affordable price.

Its placement record at ISB

According to the Financial Times, ISB’s graduates are most likely to find employment in the consulting, e-commerce, and IT sectors. Many hold Senior Manager or Executive titles and many more hold various Department head titles. Experts Global has a strong placement record at ISB, with more than six out of ten graduates finding jobs in their chosen fields. If you’re considering an MBA from ISB, check out our company’s profile on LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts

The placement process at ISB takes four months, and includes on-campus presentations, job postings in several sectors, and pre-placement talks pertaining to organizational expectations and philosophies. Students respond to the postings by sending expressions of interest, and recruiters identify the most suitable candidates and draw shortlists. Career Advancement Services then contacts the students in the shortlist. Approximately 40% of candidates are chosen and begin the interview process.

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