ESL One Summer 2021: failure and other eSports results on the reliable website

Dota 2 players and fans are waiting for important events to enjoy strong gaming among professionals. You can follow eSports results on the verified portal, which provides high-quality broadcasts for every match. There were no big sensations at ESL One Summer 2021, but’s performance cannot be called very successful.

Everything started well for the team, and they went through “Stage of the winners”almost without problems. It should be noted that defeated quite strong opponents:

  1. OG were beaten in the quarterfinals. were considered underdogs ahead of this match but still won the game 2:0 and moved on. You can find all eSports broadcasts and results on the excellent portal, which also offers other interesting information.
  2. The semifinal of the best group was held in a difficult fight against Alliance. It’s not the strongest opponent, but they managed to cause some problems for Thanks to perseverance and skill, the Russians made it to the finals. Dota 2 team rankings can be viewed on the verified site.
  3. The first encounter against T1 ended in favour of Both teams fought hard till the very end, but the Russian team came out victorious. The victory allowed to get to the Grand Final. T1 got a chance to get there from the “Losers Stage” and used it successfully.

The powerful play in the top group playoffs directly hinted at’s desire to become champions. However, despite their confident performance, the team was unable to improve its position in the Dota 2 ranking. They lost the Grand Final and the title.

ESL One Summer 2021 Grand Final and Dota 2 ongoing tournaments schedule

After being defeated by, the T1 team had to play an extra game against the winner of the “Losers Stage”, Alliance. Dota 2 ongoing tournament and championship schedule are presented on the verified website. T1 confirmed their grand final spot easily as they turned out to be too strong for Alliance.

In the final, they came up against a familiar opponent in Carlo “Kuku” Palad’s team took revenge and won the trophy. As a result, T1 players received $175,000 and temporarily reached fifth place in the ranking. Since there are a lot of ongoing tournaments in Dota 2, teams’ achievements change quite often. ESL One Summer 2021 was interesting and delighting for the fans of the promising team. The T1 title was won by the major with the following gamers: Nyengnara “23savage” Tiramakhanon, Karl “Karl” Jame, Kenny “Xepher” Deo and Matthew “Whitemon” Filmon. Team captain Carlo “Kuku” Palad. Despite a good performance at ESL, The International 10 was unsuccessful for T1.

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