Drifted – Spoils Players With Variety Of Automobile Games went live on the World Wide Web in 2009. Today, their page view per month is 1,500,000+ per month. To reach this popularity, the founders and their team had to struggle a lot. The website endured a lengthy period of low traffic, no revenue, team modifications, etc. like a startup media website. Today, 80% of the audience is from North America and Facebook fan following is more than 340,000.

In the last decade Drifted has evolved. It has written about tuning guides, tech guides, engine guides, beginner’s guides, car guides, gaming guides, and countless other topics related to the drifting sector.

In the new games category, players can now enjoy the sequel of popular drifting game Drift HuntersDrift Hunters Max offering more insane cars, tracks, and auto-save progress features. Other games in this category include GTR Drift Fever, Lambo Drifter, Supra Drift 2, and more.

Under the drifting game category, players can choose legendary Drift Hunters and sharpen their drifting skills. Evade the cops as they get behind the steering wheel of a selected drift car. Drift Boss, Skyline Drift 3D, Max Drift Car Simulator, Derby Crash 4, and more are also to be enjoyed!

In the car games group, show your stunt skills playing Paco Stunt Cars or enjoy the thrills of underground racing escaping the intense cop chases across the city streets in Street Racer Underground.

In the racing games section, venture into the contemporary era of flying supercars playing Fly Car Stunt or shred your tires playing against the clock in Japanese mountains playing Touge Drift& Racing.

In the multiplayer games category, hit the streets on an ATV and make way through the challenging traffic to make the finish line first before the tough competitors playing ATV Quad Moto Racing. Project Car Destruction is a challenging multiplayer game that keeps the entire participant entertained. The tank of 2 takes the player to rugged and rough terrains to fight enemies and capture their flag as well protect their team flag.

The Motorcycle category has multiple games that can power up the adrenalin levels. In the game Motor Road Rash 3D, the racer has to skim past innocent travelers and traffic as well as avoid a deadly crash. TRON movie fans will enjoy the Motorbike Neon City game. It is fast, wild, and revolutionary.

The best games recommended are Drift Hunters Max, Block Champ, Madalin Stunt Cars 3, Hole.iO, Top Speed racing 3D, and more. Max got created with the feedback from the fans of Classic. The developer added brand-new stunning tracks and extra insane cars with enhanced physics and graphics.

The drifted team even offers some hottest automotive journalism covering unique events. Some of the notable innovations and benchmarks associated with the drifting arena are also shared with the readers. The platform offers desktop wallpapers free and viewers can view the hand-picked drift-related videos as well as photographs. exclusively offers the latest Drift Hunters Max to play on the internet. Grab this opportunity to gain control and burn tires of the latest Toyota Supra on the newest Icefield racetrack or the Akagi touge!

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