Do You Know About Hex Lag Screws Made of Silicon Bronze?

Lag screws or lag bolts are a certain type of fasteners used for making perfect mechanical connections between 2 pieces of wood for ensuring that they will be held together securely.

Often these bolts are used for fastening many different large posts and beams used for wooden bridges, decking, and any other kind of wooden structure. Also, they can be used in any concrete structure as well, but will need a special kind of insert known as a lag.

Fair Wind Fasteners are the manufacturer of top-quality bronze lag bolts used for various outdoor and marine applications. Bronze or silicon bronze as it is generally referred to by most of the manufacturers of silicon bronze fasteners is a popular material for many reasons.

Silicon bronze bolts and nuts are an alloy that primarily consists of tin and copper, with a certain trace amount of silicon. Hence, it is named silicon bronze by various suppliers of silicon bronze nuts.

The inclusion of silicon even in trace amounts can make these silicon bronze nuts and bolts a perfect fastener choice for marine applications.

The buyers in different marine industries prefer using such bronze fasteners instead of stainless or any other metals because of their superior resistance offered to corrosion and also high durability and strength even in extreme climatic conditions.

Although the bronze cost is higher as compared to many other metals, however, these alloy fasteners are quite famous for offering both durability and reliability. The toughness of these silicon bronze-type marine fasteners in fact is almost the same as that of any stainless steel fasteners.

Besides their toughness, these bronze bolts have got excellent corrosion resistance due to various media such as brine and sulfite that contains solutions and gases.

These alloy fasteners can be used in any wooden boat construction as well as any woodworks as silicon bronze can offer better resistance to corrosion than stainless steel.

Further, these marine fasteners of silicon bronze have got a high strength than brass. Most woodworkers prefer to use silicon bronze rather than copper because this alloy offers better value to the product’s appearance.

Few other characteristics of fasteners of this material are their higher thermal conductivity and excellent friction reduction. Also, silicon bronze alloy can be non-magnetic in nature.

When these bolts are tightened, they can generate a lot of clamping force. The mating surfaces serve to prevent any connection from loosening after some period of time by resisting the force supplied by the bolt.

The size chosen for a specific project should match any size of the wood pieces being linked as well as the forces required for securing the mechanical connection.

All these specialized connectors come in different sizes and thread configurations. For various applications, they are made from a variety of materials.

Zinc-plated and hot-dipped galvanized steel, which are usually cheaply priced and offer some rust protection, and silicone bronze and stainless steel, which are used for applications where great corrosion resistance is required, are among the most frequent materials used to create them.

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