NewsDeciding between two recruitment CRM systems? Pick the best...

Deciding between two recruitment CRM systems? Pick the best recruiting software in three easy steps


You are at the end of your search for the best recruitment software. But you are still confused about which recruitment platform is the most fitting for your business.

It is critical to make the right choice. So, let’s discuss three important steps to selecting the best software for recruitment agencies.

Staffing agencies must invest in the right CRM software if they want to generate the best results from their recruiters. Productivity and efficiency accelerate with the use of the right recruitment platform. The best and most suitable software features and functionality are necessary. But there are also other factors to base the final decision on.

1. Cloud-based recruitment software

Hosting is a key component for any recruiting agency because generally there is a lot of data which must be accessible to recruiters to proceed with the business. Due to the rise in remote work and virtual recruiting, forward-thinking staffing agencies opt to go with cloud-based recruitment CRM systems. Storing data in the cloud means the access is free and quick. There is also no need to invest in infrastructure because responsibility for the storage, maintenance, and security is over to the service provider. Recruiters can work from anywhere, any time. There’s no need to sacrifice the quality of team collaboration. If a recruiter is off on holiday or sick, any of the team members can pick up their work because the data is accessible on the cloud. There is also the option of hosting data locally in the office rather than on the cloud. But that limits the recruiter to work from their office desk because the main server is in the office. Additionally, setting up devices for storage and backup and keeping dedicated IT personnel for security and maintenance is going to bring up the cost substantially.

2. Software integrations

A recruitment database software’s ability to operate with different other recruiting platforms without causing friction is often overlooked. But it is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when purchasing the best software for recruitment agencies 2022. Recruiters need the support of various tech tools to boost their efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to making hiring easy and quick without compromising the quality of hire. Online skills assessment software is a great example. Candidate skills assessment is necessary for ensuring that the talent you hire is qualified to do the job. Therefore, agencies need an employment skills assessment software that integrates with the agency’s recruitment software platform. Video calling software is another great example because virtual interviewing is part of the hiring process now. If the recruitment agency software is not compatible with such software, then agencies need to find another platform that works well with the CRM. The purpose of integration is to guarantee that there is no hiccup when the actual work is being done and to ensure smooth sailing during the workflow.

3. Post-implementation customer support

If this point seems surprising, then it is because it is a severely disregarded factor for the majority of front office recruitment software buyers. Most staffing agencies are focused on pre-purchase communication and sales efforts. But while that is important, it is equally if not more critical to pay attention to what the vendor’s customer care system is like in the post-implementation stage. The recruitment industry is highly competitive and even a slight technical glitch can cause delays that might be costly for the business. To combat this problem, recruitment CRM systems vendors must have an excellent customer support team as standard. What does great client care look like? Friendly and knowledgeable consultants who are quick to respond to customers. No client wants to encounter a technical difficulty and call up their tech support only to find that there is no one on the other end to even pick up the phone. Responding to both simple and complex queries, making the effort to take consumer feedback and continuously improving service and product is vital to a successful user experience. Thus, buyers must take this into account when deciding on the recruitment database software for their agency.

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