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DC’s “Stargirl” Is a Perfect Fit for Your Whole Family


Families have busy schedules, which can make it difficult to find time for each other. Quality time doesn’t have to mean planning a special event. Spending time together can be as simple as watching a TV show and sharing a bowl of popcorn. DC’s “Stargirl” is sure to appeal to everyone in your home, making it a perfect fit for your family.

DC’s “Stargirl” Was Designed With Families in Mind

Stargirl is among the most beloved characters created by Geoff Johns, the writer and producer of the show. He based the character of Stargirl on his sister, making the project very personal and special to him from the start. He was thinking of his own family when working on the show and he wanted to make something they could share and enjoy.  Stargirl is one of the characters found in the back issues comics of DC’s Justice Society of America.

Viewers first meet Stargirl as Courtney Whitmore, an average high school student in Blue Valley, Nebraska. She lives with her mother, step-father, and step-brother, so we see all the fun and the struggles of family life play out. You’ll likely find many of the situations on-screen to be very relatable to your own experiences as a family.

Each Episode Is Packed With Excitement

DC’s “Stargirl” is about superheroes battling supervillains, so there is plenty of action and suspense. When Courtney Whitmore discovers that former superhero Starman is her biological father, her life is changed forever. She learns that his weapon, the Cosmic Staff, is meant to be passed down to her. In her hands, the staff gives her the ability to control and direct various forms of energy such as gravity and electricity. With her new powers, she becomes Stargirl, leader of the Justice Society of America (JSA).

Stargirl brings together a group of quirky outcasts in her high school to assemble a powerful team. Characters like the expert boxer Wildcat II and Doctor Mid-Nite II join the JSA to fight against the evil forces of The Injustice Society of America. Viewers also meet villains like Shiv who uses a flame-throwing staff and Icicle who has powers to control snow and ice.

The Content Is for All Ages

The show steers clear of more adult themes, so it’s appropriate for kids as young as middle school. This makes DC’s “Stargirl” perfect for family viewing. Both children and adults will enjoy the action and the intrigue without worrying about dealing with more mature content.

DC’s “Stargirl” series is exciting television that’s filled with positivity. It’s truly a show that the whole family can have fun with and enjoy together.

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