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Check MOT History For Free


If you’re considering purchasing a new car, it’s worth checking your MOT history before you make the purchase. The free service offered by the government’s MOT testing program can give you valuable information about your potential vehicle. You can learn about any advisory issues, as well as what repairs have been made. You can also use the information to determine what the next MOT test will cost. In today’s world, MOT checks are critical when it comes to vehicle maintenance and safety.

The easiest way to check MOT history of your vehicle is by entering the vehicle’s registration number into the site. This tool will check the vehicle’s MOT history in DVLA records and give you an instant MOT Check report. Those who want to save time and money can check MOT history of multiple vehicles by using a free service. The information is also useful when you’re planning a budget.

Check MOT

The site has a very high ranking among searches in the United States and the UK, which are indicative of its popularity. The service tracks the number of searches every hour across categories and countries. The site also tracks the number of searches for specific keywords. It also allows you to slice results by country and date range. Once you’ve located a website that offers a free check MOT history, you can easily download the information to find out if your vehicle has failed an MOT test in the past.

You can also check your car’s MOT history by using the government’s website. You’ll find detailed information on the date of the last MOT test and the reason for failure. You’ll also find out if any failures were noted. The site will also let you know when the latest MOT certificate expires. Checking your car’s MOT history is an excellent way to find out whether your car is at risk of being fined for driving without a valid MOT.

MOT test failure rates vary across the UK, but most are preventable by simple checks. Tires make up about half of all fatal and dangerous defects and account for one-fifth of all failures. Another factor in MOT failure rates is the handbrake. A properly functioning handbrake is crucial to passing an MOT test. Another important part of a successful MOT test is the handbrake. A good indicator of whether or not your handbrake is working correctly is a 20-pence coin stuck in your boot.

Registration Numbe

You can also check your car’s MOT history for free by entering the registration number. Your car’s MOT history is your vehicle’s basic history, and it contains details of past tests. It’s a good way to see if your car needs to be repaired. In some cases, if an MOT is failing due to a minor issue, it’s best to get the fault fixed. If it’s happening over, the problem could be a lot more serious.

Another way to check MOT history for free is to run a mileage test. Most MOTs expire at midnight on their due date. If you retest your car within a month after the expiration date, you’ll be given the full 12 months. This is a convenient way to see the condition of your vehicle. You can also view your vehicle’s MOT failure history and learn the reasons for its failure.

Advisory Notes

Advisories are items that need to be repaired as part of the MOT. While advisory notes are not the cause of the test failing, they should be repaired regardless of how minor or large they may be. Advisories are the discretion of the MOT tester and vary in importance. It’s common for cars to be sold before their next MOT, but most car buyers find out about advisory items months later, when they are due for their next MOT.


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