NewsBuild Your Own Tiki Bar In Time For Summer!


Build Your Own Tiki Bar In Time For Summer!

If you’re thinking about kicking back sipping cocktails by the beach, you might be depressed about the fact that the pandemic limits your travel plans to a few countries or a staycation in 2022. Building an outdoor tiki bar gives you the option of bringing the outdoors inside, and this will make your property feel more like a tropical paradise. And lastly, setting up your tiki bar should always include the coolest retro bar fridge you can find because where else will you store the cocktails?

So, you have made the decision to build a tiki bar, but there are a few things to consider. In the beginning, I had no idea where to begin building a tiki bar, and using this experience, I have listed a few items that you might want to take note of.

Draw Up a Blueprint

Probably the most important item to consider is a good set of plans or drawings. Having directions to follow can save you many hours of time and also wasting material. A good set of plans should be easy to follow and allow for any changes you might want for your own bar such as; electrical, storage space, and overall size. Pictures and illustrations are also a plus when building your tiki bar.

Make Sure You Select The Correct Materials

The first step when building your tiki bar will be purchasing your wood. Remember don’t skimp here, because the type of wood you purchase will determine how many years it will last. Make sure all your exterior wood is rated for outdoor use. If you need help selecting the wooden poles that will support the roof structure, then check out a few commercial outdoor tiki bars to see what kind of material they used. To be even more quirky, why not decorate the exterior (or even interior) walls with something soft and homely; astroturf is great for this!

Location Of Your Tiki Bar

My recommendation is to locate your bar on a flat surface such as concrete or if you are thinking about mounting on the ground then you must anchor it down securely so that the wind doesn’t relocate it for you! If you are mounting close to your swimming pool then you will be able to use concrete anchors to secure it. One nice effect that I have seen is placing sand all around your tiki bar to give it even more of an island atmosphere. Plan this will along with your utilities that will be contained in your bar such as electrical for outlets and water for a sink if you plan to have one. Also, observe local building codes, especially around swimming pools.

Maintaining Your Tiki Bar

This advice that I am telling you here can not only save you money but add many years to the life of your outdoor paradise. If you live in a seasonable climate with cold winters and warm summers, you will find two of nature’s most damaging elements; sun and winter weather. Having a tiki bar now for many years, I have found how weather affects the surface of the bar top. I used oak plywood for my bar top trying to cut cost but should have used marine grade plywood rated for water and sun. You will find it very difficult to maintain your bar top unless you follow steps using the very finest of marine grade varnish with several coats to protect the surface. With my tiki bar, I got frustrated trying to maintain the wood surface, so I used glass tile with waterproof grout, so far two years, and it looks as good as day one.

So, why wait?

I hope that these tips will help you make the right choices the first time, so you can save money while enjoying your own backyard tiki bar, a true paradise at home. Creating your own tiki bar does not require you to start from scratch. You can use basic supplies or take a couple quick pre-made measures. Tiki is ultimately about style and fun. Soon you’ll be reclining under the sun! All you need to do is assemble your gear and make a start!.

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