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Benefits and disadvantages of Splunk

Splunk is certainly a solution to handle large amounts of data generated by machines. However, like every similar digital technology, it has its own set of pros and pros and. We’re going to present the list so that you can easily determine whether it’s a necessity for your company or not. Take a look at the following points.

Benefits of Splunk

It’s easy to make use of.

It is a tool that can be utilized by any employee within the company (i.e. IT, managers, CEO etc.)

It is loaded with lots of extensions and plugins.

It features a spectacular dashboard that includes charting and search tools.

There is no requirement for additional databases to support it.

It is able to handle any size and any type of data.

Real-time search of the IT data.

It will automatically find important information within information to make your work less streamlined.

It improves your system by saving searches and tags relevant data.

It provides alerts that make it easier to monitor systems.

It creates reports that are analytical, using visual graphs and interactive charts and tables.

It allows you to send these reports to the people you want to share them with.

It analyzes your IT systems regularly to prevent server downtimes as well as security issues before they happen.

Advantages of Splunk

The cost of data is usually more expensive for large volumes of data.

Optimizing search results is more an art form than science.

Dashboard isn’t as nice in comparison to tableau.

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It is constantly trying to replace it by open alternative software.

The reason you should be able to learn Splunk

If you’re seeking a position within Big Data or IoT environments within an organization, Splunk is the perfect guide for you. The management and analysis of data within the workplace is among the most daunting tasks, and when you consider the evolution of technology through IoT it is becoming more complicated day-by-day. Thus, anyone with experience with a program like Splunk is certain to recognize their place within an IT company.


If you’re a programmer or are in the administrative field it is possible to make catastrophic adjustments to your work environment by taking online Splunk training. Take a look and you will see a change within your workplace. If your work is centered around managing data and analyzing different data sets as in IoT or other sensors, the Splunk is the godfather of your professional career.

What will Splunk assist you in Career Growth

In the words of Forbes, Big Data and IoT related jobs have experienced an unimaginable growth in the last five years. Some of the jobs which promise lucrative Splunk career opportunities include:

Technical Service Manager

Systems Engineer

Programming Analyst

Software Engineer

Solutions Architect

Security Engineer

Furthermore, Indeed also claims that Splunk jobs that are related to it earn pay up to $120,000 for an engineer in the Senior Systems Division and $148,590 for an Solutions Architect. Even the starting wages of jobs that are related to Splunk are quite high in comparison to other IT job positions. If you’re searching for a job in data management, or any other related to it, Splunk can give you wings to climb higher. Check out this Splunk tutorial for beginners today.


As we’ve seen earlier, Splunk is a Big Data analysis and management tool. It is certainly one among the top in the market, but its more expensive price makes it unobtainable to many companies. If you’re seeking a job with this platform, then you’re towards the correct direction.

A lot of large scale IT companies are in need of employees who are part of this platform. It can be somewhat difficult to get jobs on this platform however, once you’re employed by a company, you’ll witness your growth exponentially by yourself. Therefore, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to get amazing opportunities when you learn about the platform. Have a great time in your career.

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