Bellevue Christian church: Where to Bible Study Bellevue

Christianity is the religion of Love and Faith to serve God and creatures of God only for the love of God. Bellevue is a lovely city full of lovely people. Worshiping God, Love with God, and serving humanity are the basic concepts of Christianity. For all these basic purposes of Christianity, Jesus Lives is on fire. Jesus Lives in Christ’s ministry, which is working unprofitably for the love of God. They are working to serve people according to the teachings of God Jesus and according to the teachings of the Holy Bible. So in you want Bible study Bellevue then Bellevue Christian Church is there.

Introduction to Jesus Lives

Jesus Lives is a Christian ministry and it is a church service that provides knowledge to people about the words of God Jesus and his teachings. They are working to serve people by making them aware of the God Jesus and helping them to seek God and to Love God. It is one of the best churches in Bellevue and provides a place for top people to worship God. Jesus Lives also contribute to cultural projects. It also conducts education events to make people aware. It also works to serve poor and needy people with food, shelter, and financial help. It developed a responsive and pleasant group of people to serve others.

Jesus Lives is located in Bellevue in the State of Washington, United States of America.

Major Information about Jesus Lives

Jesus Live is a church in Bellevue, which provide a place for people to worship God. It helps people to seek God and to live according to the words of God. It is located at 13456 SE 27th PI Suite 205, Bellevue, WA 98005, United States of America. To get more information you can call them at one (425) 655-50-45. You can also find them on Gmail by their E-mail Address, which is [email protected]  you can also visit their Website for more information.

Mission Statement of Jesus Lives

They are working with the mission statement:

To spread the word of God, build discipline, and set the captives free

These days, negativity is a common thing and everyone is worried due to some reason. We live in the days of war where everyone is ready to fight with each other at a little thing. In this situation, Jesus Lives serves to spread love all around. Jesus Lives and the people involved with Jesus Lives are working to make people aware of the love of God and the devotions of God for this world.

Jesus Lives serve people with food, shelter, and help. Jesus Lives is not paid for its services and

Provide services only for the love of God. All of their Phil Fischer, teachers, and leaders demand nothing for their services because they do so only for the love of God Jesus.

Services hours of Jesus Lives

Jesus Lives provides its services on Saturday and Thursday.

  • Saturday at night from 7:30 Pm to 10: PM
  • Thursday at night from 7:30 to 9:30 Pm

If you want to get involved with Jesus Lives and you want to seek the words of God then you can visit their services at the mentioned time. You are welcomed alone and with your whole family or friends.

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