All You Need to Know About Costa Rica Surf Resort

Costa Rica, the “rich coast,” lives up to its name with both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, miles and miles of white-sand beaches, and exquisite gastronomy,

Besides the beach breakers with sandy bottoms and gentle waves, there are also reefs and points, right- and left-handers. With year-round warm water, consistent swells, and a plethora of surf camps for all abilities, Costa Rica is one of the finest destinations to learn to surf, improve your skills, and ride world-class waves.

 Here’s everything you need to know about selecting a costa rica surf resort.

How Does It Feel to Surf in Costa Rica?

Surfing culture may be found in most Costa Rican coastal villages, from experts to total beginners. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see surf lesson contact information on boards around the beach area.

Costa Rica’s location near the equator ensures constant waves throughout the year.  You’ll be able to find the ideal surfing spot at any time of year. The rainy season in Costa Rica is perfect for both novice and experienced surfers who want to visit the Pacific coast. You’ll find a wide range of waves here (size and force). 

However, in comparison to the Caribbean shore, these are much smaller. Therefore, visiting Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast during the summer will ensure you have a great time.

What to Wear?

Even though a wetsuit is highly recommended, you do not need to purchase one if you are just learning to surf or are only an occasional surfer. You’re good to go as long as you wear a long-sleeved swimming shirt to protect your skin. 

Is It Safe to Surf?

Of course, the main consideration in choosing where to surf is safety.

Costa Rica is not only a safe area to surf, but it also hosts several surf camps and local and international contests. You can rest assured that practising the sport in this country is safe.

However, when participating in an extreme sport or simply venturing into the open sea, you should always take measures. Always remember to heed the advice of the lifeguards and avoid surfing in inclement weather. When preparing to surf in Costa Rica, you need to think about good gear, technique, etiquette, etc.

Why a Costa Rica Resort?

The costa rica surf resort is an excellent spot to learn to surf for various reasons. 

The fact that guests are frequently astounded by how swiftly they progress is proof of this. But what is it about Costa Rican surf that makes it so good for beginners? Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on:

  • First, there are a plethora of mild wave options available.
  • Second, there’s a constant sense of unwinding.
  • Third, it is possible to immerse yourself in true tropical surf culture.
  • Fourth, there are a lot of nice surf towns.
  • Finally, you can find uncrowded surf. 


Surfing is a must-do activity for anybody visiting Costa Rica. It will physically test you, but it will also affect how you appreciate spending time in the water. And while mastering the wave tubes and board spin techniques will take some time, be confident that you will be ecstatic the first time you step up on the board. So, get ready to ride the waves and have a good time!

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