A simple introduction to stand up pouch printing

A stand-up pouch is also known as a standing pouch. The bottom of the stand-up pouch is round with a flat op. It is one of the standards and accessible forms of packaging. The best thing about its stand-up pouch is it is easy to seal and open. It is also beneficial to keep the freshness and taste of the product. Another benefit is that they are friendly to carry food and give a perfect display to your food. If you want to buy a super easy and best stand-up pouch, just visit Hibags  to get pouches with multiple structures. Here you will also find custom stand-up pouches to get personalized windows.

Custom product packaging not only enhances the perceived value of your product but also your entire brand. Contact a reliable supplier today to help you produce the ultimate custom packaging for your business.

stand up pouch printing:

Custom stand up pouches or custom printed stand up pouches are at their peak in the packaging industry. Customers enjoy the mesmerizing custom standing pouch. The material used in custom printed stand up pouches or custom standing pouches is plastic or aluminum laminates. Standing pouch custom and label standing pouch are now available with multiple numbers, colors and designs. Printing on stand up pouches makes them more attracted to customers.

It is said that in custom stand up pouches, custom prints cause problems to customers and packaging experts when they do not receive exactly what they have ordered. They saw their final product worse and were disappointed. In this article, we will discuss some essential points regarding standing pouch printing and label standing pouch. So if you are interested to know about standing pouch printing, this article will help you a lot to get your required product. Let’s jump into it.

Standing pouch printing methods:

If you are interested in standing pouch printing, two types of printing methods are used for standing pouch printing.

1. Rotogravure Printing

2. Flexographic Printing

Rotogravure Printing:

This type of printing method works as a traditional rotary printing press. The process is; first of all, on the copper cylinder, an image is engraved after that it is passed onto the object. In rotogravure printing, the press has a single printing unit that consists of a mixture of colors like cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Flexographic Printing:

The flexographic printing method involves standing pouch print, and a roll is used to the fed printing press. Like rotogravure, this type of printing method also uses multiple colors.

Which one is best: Though both methods are suitable, the best printing method is rotogravure. It produces the best image with high resolution, but it is a little bit expensive. It is noted that in this digital era, flexographic also get quality at a low price.

Submit multiple copies of your artwork:

For standing pouch custom, be sure to submit multiple copies of your work. This technique will help you to get the best and desired results. Share three copies of your work; one in the form of a white document, the second in the digital format, and the third hard black. You can share it via email or in the form of a CD according to the size of your artwork. Mostly, it is preferred to send via CD from.

There is another point to note that share the copy of your color sample along with 

Work art. It will help you to get accurate results of your choice.

Artwork format:

To get the best result of your artwork, share your artwork in the form of adobe illustrator or photoshop. Adobe is the best format among all, though some experts accept another format like Macromedia Freehand or Coreldraw. But again, to get the best results, the painter can give via CD to allow them to enjoy desired results.

Outline of the text:

First, you have to send your sample in their recommended format, then outline the text that you wanted to stand pouch custom and stand up pouch printing. You take a safety measure, be sure that you have sent your painter along with your artwork. It will be helpful if they want to make any change in stand up pouch printing.

Resolution of image:

It is recommended to keep your image approximately 350 dpi in stand up pouch printing. This is the exact size of your image. If the resolution is less than the recommended size, it will distort the image.

Copies of print:

The one thing you should care about in stand up pouch printing is the copy of your sample image that you wanted to use in your design. You can add these images to the CD.

Stand up pouch printing image layer:

Here is the pro tip for stand up pouch printing. Do not flatten the image. The reason is that all layers should be separate.

Share CPU member:

It is necessary to share the CPU number with your supplier, As they convert it into code and display it in your artwork.

Print proof of artwork:

Do not forget to demand your supplier print-proof of your artwork and get all the artwork information you have provided him.

Final thought:

If you want to get the perfect match of your choice, you do not need to get confused over thousands of brands in the market; visit to get stand up pouches in WooPacking  They are offering multi-color options for customers.


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