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A Guide To Improve CR on Your Website With Free Tools


Launching an online business is only the first step in your eCommerce journey. It requires some additional actions to convert passive browsers into leads. Luckily, there are several tools that you can easily implement into your website canvas and boost sales. But firstly, let’s have a quick look at conversion itself. 

What is conversion?

Conversion rate, or CR for short, is a percentage of customers that completed the desired action. You can easily figure it out, dividing the number of those actions by the total amount of visitors and multiplying the figure by 100. An average CR in eCommerce varies but is estimated to be around two to five percent. 

Improving CR on a website is an ongoing process, that requires constant analyzing and testing. The CR optimization is not a magical fix but is worth looking into if you want to improve your overall eCommerce performance. Although every business case is unique, there are a couple of features that can help you tweak your website and win more loyal customers. 

Hacks to improve CR

There can be plenty of reasons why you should think about CRO. Among the most popular ones are turning passive browsers into warm leads, improving customer experience, or decreasing customer acquisition costs. Keep reading to find out how to make it possible just in a few simple steps. 

Chat with your visitors

One thing that eCommerce websites may sometimes lack is a human touch. When you are in a store, friendly and helpful personnel is always at hand. But fortunately, it’s not a daunting task for modern online retailer sites. Consider adding a live chat or a chatbot to your website, that will provide an opportunity for the users to get support or answers to their questions. 

You can seamlessly implement these features with any automation software and tailor them according to your preferences and your customers’ needs. For example, Victoria’s Secret utilizes a virtual assistant on their website to help customers with tracking and managing their orders alongside other inquiries. 

An example of a chatbot on a website. Source: Victoria’s Secret 

Include pop-ups 

Despite some controversy towards pop-ups, they are still among the top tools that increase conversion. Before introducing them to your website, outline their main goal and set corresponding triggers. You can use popping forms for various aims, like collecting data to expand your mailing list or asking customers for feedback. Have a look at how Sugar Cosmetics offers a discount in exchange for a Messenger chatbot subscription. Two birds with one stone. 

An example of a pop-up on a website. Source: Sugar Cosmetics 

Improve general response speed 

If you introduce any tools that empower communication on your website, make sure that waiting time before your response is minimized. For that, you might want to use a free mobile app. It contains all the desktop features and enables you to stay in touch with your prospects on the go. You can easily manage your project and additionally get insights into analytics, which can be pretty useful for further analysis. 

Add customer testimonials 

Reviews from customers create a third, unbiased point of view, that can nudge others to consider buying themselves. You can add floating testimonial pop-ups just on a tab page with products, or create a separate one. For example, The Tea Story places customer reviews combined with corresponding visuals just on the main page.

An example of customer testimonials. Source: The Tea Story

Form it mobile-friendly 

According to Statista, mobile devices generate about 55% of traffic, that’s why it’s of paramount importance to have your website adapted for smaller gadgets. While adapting a website to mobiles, it could be sensible to relinquish any complex animation in favor of loading time. Alongside the design, don’t forget about smart widgets and any forms that users need to fill out.

Final thoughts 

Improving a general website’s performance might take some time and effort. Consider smart widgets as a website solution to enhance the customer experience as well as conversion. Hopefully, some tips mentioned in this article will bring you closer to achieving your business goal! 

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