6 Unique Ways to Customize a Loved One’s Casket

Funerals are a time to bid goodbye to someone you care about who has passed on. The best way to give them a decent send-off is by celebrating their life rather than spending the day of the funeral grieving.

Although they are not physically present to witness everything, paying the last respect in style can’t be emphasized enough. Therefore, one way of celebrating their life and memory is by buying a well-customized casket.

Whether you are shopping for caskets online or near your local store, the casket can be customized to meet your preferences. Here are six unique ways to help you achieve that.

1. Mind the Color

You can customize your casket by choosing the color of the interior fabric. The industry standard is black, but you can really go with any color you like, such as white, blue, or even red.

If you want something a little more elegant and sophisticated, consider choosing an off-white shade like cream or ivory. A lot of people like this because it feels a little more formal without being too stark and cold.

2. Steel Thickness

If you want to improve the durability of caskets, customizing its steel thickness can make all the difference. However, note that the thickness of the steel used in the casket’s construction will largely determine how heavy it is. But thick steel material will also protect the casket from external damage.

3. The Hardware

Casket hardware is a great way to add a unique touch to your casket. You can add handles, hinges, clamps, and more to the casket. Usually, the hardware is either painted or gold plated to enhance its looks.

4. Consider the Panels

The inside of a casket has four panels that surround the body. These panels can be customized with photos and quotes. Traditionally, panels bore the deceased’s name, birth, death dates, and other important information. However, many families choose to personalize these panels with unique designs that reflect their loved one’s hobbies or interests.

5. Adding Imagery

In terms of imagery, the casket can be customized to feature the photo of the departed, their favorite baseball team logo, pet, or other imagery that honors the deceased. Have your favorite place or a message that inspires you painted on the inside to create an everlasting memory.

6. How Stylish Do You Want It to Be

There are different casket styles to choose from-traditional, double, cremation, and gothic. Depending on the deceased’s personality or preference, you can choose a design that will suit them. For example, a person who prefers traditional designs might like a wooden casket with carvings or motifs on its sides.

You can also customize the material and color of the casket according to your preference. Some would prefer silver or gold, while others would opt for a more elegant and traditional look by choosing wood or copper.

Get Started with Your Online Customizable Casket Today

Most companies that make caskets will let you add decorative touches such as metal handles and an engraved nameplate. Some allow even more extensive customization by allowing customers to specify the shape of handles and feet.

However, the customization options listed above should be enough to get you going in the right direction.

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