5 Special Gifts For Girl On Her Birthday

If you’ve got a little girl who is turning 5 today then we’re here to help you create that special gift she’ll always remember when she’s old enough to open her own presents. This list contains some different ideas for occasions such as birthdays.

A Girl Scooter

Choosing a gift for that special girl on her birthday is a challenge because it’s difficult to say exactly what she will like. However, there are many gifts for girls that can be bought without being specific about color. One of these ideas is to buy a girls scooter for your little one, as it creates an awesome present that she’s going to love using! When it comes to scooters, girls in particular like the convenience of being able to hop on and ride out of the comfort of their homes.

A good baking recipe for her

This year, instead of getting her a new cell phone or an expensive gift, find and make something unique for your special girl. You should bake her a batch of cookies for her birthday! They might be the perfect finish to a nourishing diet she has been on lately. Whether your girl wants a bag of rolled oats, a box of chocolate chips, or a six-pack of beer (in moderation, of course), there will certainly be no shortage of cookies to bake up.

A new clothes outfit

Gifts are always so hard to choose when you are on the verge of your birthday. Most often a gift is more about what the person likes than what they needed or may not have wanted. There was once in a time when a birthday present was something personal and sentimental – maybe a new set of jeans or shoes. Nowadays, it’s customary for friends and co-workers to share in your day by giving gifts themed around your favorite things. Gifts for other people usually involve shopping for them (or for yourself), but gifts for yourself don’t have to be expensive at all! With that said, here are some gift ideas for a girl on her birthday…

Magazine subscriptions

You can’t go wrong with magazines because everyone loves them. You can get subscriptions for any subject or genre that she is interested in. You can also find many deals and discounts on different kinds of magazines even if you subscribe to a specific one or two every month.

A music subscription

In today’s modern society it is important to find gift ideas for your loved one. When you’re having a hard time figuring out what they could possibly use, a music subscription like Spotify can really make their day. With the variety and access to sound samples from music that’s trending as well as even from the other side of the globe, there are no limits to what will get her excited about it!


Basically, this girl turned 5 and is all grown up. You want her to have a memorable day, so be careful what you give her. It has been said that a day at the spa outshines any crummy gift you can give. So why not give her a little pampering surprise and ship her off somewhere on her special birthday?

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