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5 Best Custom Backdrops Options For A Professional Video Conference Background


You can create a perfect video experience with custom backdrops for zoom and sky video meetings and seminars at home or office. Get high-definition photo and video solutions that will give your online forum a professional look. You can even customize your backdrops to personalize your online meeting experience. A custom backdrop from a professional company helps provide a professional setting for your participants to feel comfortable and have a productive meeting.

1. Retractable Backdrops

Retractable Backdrops are excellent for creating portable environments in your meeting room or home. When you need to move them out of the way, the system easily retracts into their storage bag. Roll down the Backdrop to its stand, and voila! It’s ready for use- the instant customized Backdrop to match your event and décor.

Retractable Backdrops give you the ability to change your background using a custom printed piece that adapts to your look and style. They are suitable for able wide display and photo backdrop.

2. Step And Repeat Backdrops

A step and repeat banner, also known as Custom backdrops for video conferencing and webinars, is perfect for your events. Equip your attendees with the right tools to learn unforgettable moments and get inspired. You can choose the best templates with brilliant design concepts to set the theme of your event.

A step and repeat backdrop are perfect for companies to showcase their brand at networking events, trade shows and conferences, and weddings. Step and repeat backdrops are affordable with a lightweight aluminum frame and quality fabric. Lush Banners’ step and repeat backdrop come complete with a carrying bag for easy transport and storage.

3. Table Pop-Up Display

Pop-up displays are versatile and helpful in adding an extra element of visual appeal to any presentation. They can use them in place of walls or whiteboards and allow you to project colorful charts and displays for all to see at a conference, lecture, or seminar.

Pop-up banner stands provide visual support for your marketing and sales initiatives. A company meeting or seminar can also utilize a pop-up display for providing visual aids during the presentation. The versatility of these displays makes them a viable option for many situations. Table pop-up displays are a good option if you want to amp up your display but don’t have a big budget.

4. Tension Fabric Displays

Tension Fabric Displays are trade show displays and come in different shapes such as curved, footed-arch, full circle, and straight. Tension Fabric Displays are becoming more popular because of how easy to set up these displays. Tension fabric displays from Lush Banners range from the 5ft tabletop to 20ft straight tension fabric display.

You can use tension fabric displays in retail stores, trade shows, and exhibits. These versatile display stands allow presenters to prominently display products or graphics for a large audience without the need for heavy equipment or expensive hardware. Tension fabric displays are easy to transport and assemble, allowing exhibitors to maximize their time at the fair, conference, or other venues.

Tension fabric displays with a single panel have a base that is fastened to the floor, while those with multiple panels use cables to suspend from the ceiling of a room or tent. Using tension fabric displays at your next event will help catch your viewers’ attention and keep them glued to your presentation.

5. Fabric Banner Display Stand

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a dedicated conference room to conduct video meetings. Most folks have to use their home office or workspace. If you have a large office or meeting room, then covering the white walls with fabric displays might be the solution for giving your attendees a better visual experience.

Instead of glaring white meeting walls, your employees will see an image that looks more like an effective team-oriented environment—at least that’s what you will want them to think about and create a positive attitude.

Fabric banner stands are durable and cost-effective for displaying your custom banners. Experts in backdrops such as the Lush Banners can assist in choosing the best material for your project.


Whether you are a business owner or an employee, it is essential to do professional video conferencing. One of the options is using custom backdrops for zoom and sky video meetings, seminars at home or in the office. These backdrops will increase your video image’s quality and result in better sound quality. So whether you are a business owner or an employee, you will see benefits and function more efficiently. You can partner with Lush Banners for all your backdrops’ needs and professional advice at an affordable price.

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