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Why Same Day Flower Delivery is Important

It’s 2022 and everything in ecommerce and delivery today is all about speed, speed, speed. With this, comes the concept of same day delivery, usually an order before noon on the same day. While some products will definitely come to you within the same day, such as food or groceries, you might be surprised to know that flowers and gifts can also be delivered on the same day if requested. In our opinion, if a flower shop is able to offer such a delivery, it says a lot about their professionalism and logistics. 

1. Good logistics

For a flower shop to list that they are able to provide same day flower delivery Singapore for orders before noon, they are likely to have good logistical arrangements that ensure their flowers are delivered on time. You may also check the online ratings for these shops, and if they are high, it shows they have not only delivered their flowers quickly but also in good condition. Because surely no one wants a bouquet of flowers delivered quickly but in a bad condition.

What is also more impressive is some shops even going to the extent of offering free delivery if delivery conditions are not met, or money back in adverse circumstances. Some also extend this guarantee not only to their flowers, but also their gift or fruit bundles.

2. Be the first to offer congratulations or condolences

With same day delivery, you can be the first to congratulate a friend on his business opening, or wish a loved one a speedy recovery once you have gotten news they have landed up in hospital. Imagine their delight when they receive a bouquet of flowers with a personalized card, immediately after a taxing surgery done on the same day. 

Likewise, a friend whose loved one’s funeral has just begun will feel comforted upon receiving condolence flower stands in their trying times. They will certainly remember you for your efforts and you being there for them, even if you might not physically be there immediately.

3. Help last-minute purchasers

This is the group that benefits the most from same day flower deliveries, and it can even be suggested that this service is targeted at these people! At times, people may forget their wedding anniversary, or the birthday of a loved one, and it is only human to do so in today’s hectic working world. But if one is lucky enough to remember early on the day itself, same day delivery will have to cover up their mistakes and allow them maintain good relations with their loved ones.


Same day delivery is a testament of how well a flower shop is able to adapt to the various demands of its different customers, whether they wish to make a first impression, or whether to save a forgetful memory. Even if you are not able to be physically present immediately, sending a bouquet of flowers on the same day of the event would definitely make an impression on your friends or loved ones.

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