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Why is living in an assisted living community beneficial for a person with Dementia?

Alzheimer’s disease affects one person in the United States every 65 seconds. Alzheimer’s disease is a common kind of dementia, affecting 60 to 80 percent of those who suffer from it. Not everyone who ages has Alzheimer’s disease. Over half a million Kansans 65 and over are affected. By 2025, the number of individuals with dementia is expected to rise to 62,000. Alzheimer’s disease is the state’s sixth most common cause of death. It is estimated that there are around 151,000 carers and relatives in Kansas. Memory care facilities are built with dementia patients in mind and offer a comfortable, secure setting with an easy-to-navigate floor plan. Dementia Assisted Living Community in Sedgwick County, KS has several advantages, including these:

Alzheimer’s community care improves the quality of life.

As the disease worsens, so does the quality of their life. A higher quality of life has been recorded in the areas that matter most in Cornerstone’s senior living communities’ memory care programs and other available treatment levels. Life in memory care programs includes but is not limited to the following benefits:

  • Fewer falls
  • Injury rates are lower.
  • Reduction in the number of visits to the hospital
  • Increased dietary intake
  • Increased social contact

Helpful programs for people with behavioral problems

Anxiety and behavioral disorders can be a problem for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. Mood swings, memory impairment, wandering, and many other common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease can be addressed through Alzheimer’s community care programs such as leisure and therapy programs. Family members may not know what to do in these tense situations, but specially trained professionals can help. Families dealing with loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia can rely on these specially designed care facilities.

Sense of freedom while still feeling safe

For those with Alzheimer’s, community care institutions try to be places that offer the right mix of independence and security. A good community doesn’t want your family member to feel like a prisoner who has lost their freedom. Specially trained employees in memory care facilities help people maintain their independence while ensuring their safety and well-being. Signage for internal courtyard doors is prominent, while the exit door sign is more subdued.

Medical care provided on-site and as-needed

The medical care that residents require can be provided to them right in their assisted living community, eliminating the stress of going to an unfamiliar medical facility. It’s common for assisted living facilities to provide an on-site physician, 24-hour staffing, and regular health exams. Members who need to leave the community for hospital appointments can do so in comfort and safety, thanks to the availability of chauffeured transportation.

Care that is tailored to the individual’s needs

A high-quality assisted living facility should provide residents with a wide selection of assistance alternatives that can be customized to meet their specific requirements. Some residents may require very limited support, while others require 24-hour care. Each resident’s circumstances are unique and assisted living facilities should prioritize tailoring their services to meet those needs.

Eating a balanced diet.

For the elderly, malnutrition is becoming a major problem, particularly for those who have trouble swallowing. Providing nutritious meals and tailored diets for their members is important for every well-run community. Kitchens make sure that they have access to high-quality food and a wide variety of options to maintain a balanced diet while still being able to make their own eating choices.

Dementia Assisted Living Community in Sedgwick County, KS, can make a world of difference in improving a person’s mood and quality of life.

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