LifestyleWhy do athletes use blood flow restriction cuffs?

Why do athletes use blood flow restriction cuffs?


If you’re looking to up your game during strength training with a tool that increases the efficiency of your workouts and creates more gains at lower weights, then blood flow restriction bands are the answer.

Blood flow restriction bands work by placing the cuffs over your upper arms and thighs and inflating them. They block blood returning to your heart without blocking blood flow to the area. They recruit more Type 2 endurance muscle fibers in your workout and allow metabolites to stimulate muscle growth.

Blood flow restriction bands, or BFR bands, should be your next investment in strength training for various reasons. Athletes have been using these bands for years, but they just recently became more famous for therapy, rehabilitation, and at-home training.

1. They are practical and safe to use.

Research published by the National Institutes of Health shows the effectiveness and safety of using BFR bands to enhance muscle strength and build muscle at lower weights. The bands show similar benefits at 20% load, using 70% max load without the cuffs.

2. They are portable and convenient.

The easy portability of BFR bands gives you more options for when and how you work out while giving you maximum benefit from each repetition. They can be used with any type of workout and fit easily into a suitcase for travel.

3. BFR bands reduce your downtime and recovery.

BFR bands will help your muscles in a variety of ways. Compared to traditional workouts, you’ll get increased muscle size and strength with little to no muscle damage. You’ll reduce your downtime and recovery and have less delayed onset muscle soreness.

4. They are comfortable and easy to use.

BRF bands are comfortable and easy to use. You just strap on the non-slip, soft cuffs and inflate them. They remain comfortable as long as they’re not too tight. If you feel any pain, release some pressure from the cuff and try again.

5. They are affordable and durable.

Perhaps the best part of BFR bands is their affordability and durability. They cost significantly less than purchasing heavier gym equipment and last much longer than powders, shakes, and other supplements that help with muscle recovery and stamina.

6. They can help with rehabilitation for most people.

One of the most significant downsides to rehabilitation is muscles can generally only lift very light weights, and working up to increased muscle tone becomes an arduous process. Rehabilitation experts are increasingly using BFR bands to help stimulate the process of restrengthening atrophied muscles.

Although BFR bands are very good for various reasons, they are contraindicated for anyone with cardiovascular diseases. Check with your doctor before incorporating BFR bands into your fitness routine.

Purchase BFR Bands as a Great Investment to Your Gym Routine

Now that you know more about the benefits of BFR bands, you can find a set that will work for you and truly level up your strength training. They are easy to purchase online and will have you working out more effectively in no time.

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