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Why are the words ‘I am my brother’s protector’ valuable in our lives

The words, ‘Am I my brother’s keeper’, as Kane mentions in the Bible when God asks him where his brother Abel is. Cain killed Abel in an act of jealousy because God accepted Abel’s offer and not his. These loose words can mean very little in our daily lives. In a spiritual sense, this is not what Cain did to Abel in his jealousy, which we should remember. That is, Kane does not feel responsible for Abel.

We are all guardians of our brother because we are indirectly taking care of ourselves by taking care of our brother, sister, sister, mother, daughter, stranger, or friend whether home physically or mentally. We are also finding ourselves by taking responsibility for finding each other. If we stop anyone from doing wrong, we are preventing this wrong from happening to us in the future. A good example is driving a car. 

To avoid accidents, we set speed limits for driving. If we drive recklessly without thinking of others and end up killing someone, we end up in jail. Prison is merely a physical punishment that we must endure according to the laws of our society. The other side of it is the spiritual element of killing someone because we didn’t consider other people’s lives. Because of this, we can be accountable to God and face spiritual punishment.

We knelt to ask God to give us desires and desires so that our lives would be full and happy. In this arena, we are humbled before God because we know His power. When we come out of it, however, we treat each other with hostility and expect God’s lack of compassion. To be our brother’s protector, we must first make sure that we take care of one another before coming before God as we please. The divine message that comes from these commandments is that we must first love God and love our neighbor as we love ourselves. If we love God, we will keep His commandments, and if we love our neighbor as ourselves, Am I my brother’s keeper.

In these examples, it is easy to see how our brother’s guardian will have a significant impact on our daily lives.

The three words that describe Eli are introvert, philosophical, and epic. My hope for Eli’s fulfillment is that it will give the reader a deeper sense of spiritual awareness around them.

Did Jesus answer the doctor of the law, Which of these three is now the thief’s neighbor? Who is this man’s neighbor? Then Cain said to God, Am I my brother’s keeper? The Bible says: Do not do good to those who ought to be done in Proverbs 3:27 and 28 when you have the power to do it. Do not tell your neighbor, go, come again, I will give tomorrow; When you have it, you have it. So if your neighbor is having a hard time and you have the ability to help and you tell them to go and come back tomorrow and I’ll give it to you then the love of God is not in a friend. , because that person needs your help at that time.

They need it now; Such a situation is in need of help right now. The Bible also says in James 2:14-17, “What good is it, my brethren, who say he has faith but have no works? Can faith save him? If a brother or sister is naked and lacks daily food, and one of you says to them: Go away with peace, warmth, and contentment; Even though you won’t give them what they need for their body What are the benefits? It will not benefit you. Jesus said in Matthew 25:41-46 Because I was hungry, you did not give me meat to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and you did not receive me: naked, and you. don’t dress me.: Sick, and in prison, and you didn’t go to see me. He’s telling me to leave.

Many people will say to God how can he say the way out, when we saw you naked, hungry and in prison, Jesus said you did it to my youngest brother, so you did that with me.

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