Which Silk Blouse is Best For Me?

Although the best fitted silk blouses tend to appear as the traditional long-sleeved, straight-fronted silk shirts, occasionally they appear too stiff, and come unrolled, or stuck open at the neck. At other times, they may appear too snugly, regardless of how loose they appear. Perhaps you were expecting them to be a little looser, but when you try them on, they just don’t fit well, even though they have been properly fitted. Or, perhaps you just didn’t know they were supposed to be fitted, but were just in such a great hurry to get out the door that you couldn’t fathom how they would look on you. If you have been unfortunate enough to experience this kind of problem with any of your silk blouses, there is really no need for panic or embarrassment because it is perfectly normal.

The main thing to do is to check the label of your silk blouses. Yes, there is always a small tag attached to each product stating, ‘as per size’ or ‘as recommended’. But, these labels can be deceiving. The actual measurements of your body will depend on your height, the thickness of your skin, the type of fabric you want your blouses to be made from (definitely not silk! ), and how tightly you button down your sleeves.

When trying to make a decision based on label sizing, keep in mind that the sizes are only rough guides. They are not exact, so no matter what the label says, you will probably find a silk blouse slightly larger or smaller than what you would actually wear. This is simply because different people have different body proportions, and because manufacturers have to compensate by using slightly bigger or smaller amounts of fabric. If you are a pear shape, silk blouses may appear too large and out of proportion with your body, whereas a girl who is apple shaped would find it appropriate to wear blouses with sleeves that are just a touch above the wrist. The idea is to look at your body type, your personal style, and then choose blouses according to your comfort level.

How about when it comes to choosing silk blouses? It is important to remember that not all silk blouses are created equal. There are three basic cuts: long, short, and tapered. Long blouses tend to be more form fitting, and therefore better suited to those with a slimmer build. The downside of long blouses is that they tend to gather at the front of the neck, which can cause neck strain during intense physical activity.

Short and tapered blouses fit the bill for those who prefer a looser fit. This is because the cut is not as strict along the seam. The sleeve area can be given a bit of a stretch, but not enough to where the fabric will bunch up at the front of the neck. This makes these kinds of blouses perfect for office women, who can casually tuck the sleeves behind their neck without worrying about it showing.

Finally, tapered silk blouses fall into the medium range between long and short. They are generally fitted more loosely, so they can stretch out a little before they reach the ends of the sleeves. They are often sleeveless, as with the short version, but they may also feature a V-neckline. These types of blouses are great for all seasons, from the formal holiday season to a night out on the town.

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