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What is Microfibre and Why Should You Use It for Window Cleaning?

Cleaning your windows can be an annoying yet necessary household chore, but it is one that must be done regularly to ensure that your home receives plenty of natural light. It can also keeps your indoor air free from allergens, pests, dust, and other debris. Moreover, cleaning your windows with the proper equipment will prolong their life span.

Using the right tools to clean your windows can save you time and money and help you keep your windows in good shape. For window cleaning, we highly recommend using microfiber towels. This fantastic fabric is a must-have in any household, and here’s why. 

What Is Microfiber?

Microfiber appeared in the 1950s when scientists were doing experiments with synthetic fibres. They were trying to obtain much thinner threads. Through several processes, they produced ultra-fine nylon fibres and began testing them. This new material proved to be very efficient in absorbing liquid. Microfiber has much more filaments than regular fabrics, enabling it to wipe up liquids much quicker and more easily than alternatives such as cotton. 

Microfiber Vs. Cotton

Cotton fabric is the most popular choice for household chores equipment. Cotton rags, mops, and towels are present in our everyday life. However, cotton performs worse than microfiber when it comes to cleaning. This is microfibre has a higher cleaning surface than cotton. The latter has fewer threads per square centimetre, forcing you to wipe more to achieve the same effect.

Microfiber also dries faster because it is synthetic. Quick drying makes it ready to use sooner and prevents bacteria from growing on it. Another reason microfiber is better than cotton is because it is negatively charged. This means that microfiber attracts dirt and grime and will clean more efficiently than cotton or other fabrics. Like cotton, microfiber can also be washed and reused many times. 

How Microfiber Benefits Your Windows

One of the best uses for microfiber is as a window cleaning tool. It pairs perfectly with window cleaning detergent and makes the task of cleaning windows quicker and easier. Here are some reasons for why you need microfiber rags in your window cleaning kit:

  • You will be able remove stains and debris in one wipe. Microfiber’s ultra-thin threads dislodge and trap the dirt. 
  • There is no lint left behind with microfiber. Unlike cotton or other fabrics, microfibre is synthetic and will not leave streaks or debris. Be careful not to wash your microfibre cloths together with cotton to avoid getting lint stuck to it. 

Get Your Microfibre and More at Window Cleaning Online

With the right tools, window cleaning can be a breeze. Microfiber cloths, paired with a good window detergent, are perfect for the job. Window Cleaning Online is a leading supplier of window cleaning supplies and equipment in Australia. We offer a variety of window cleaning tools including microfiber cloths, window cleaning detergents, water fed poles and more. Browse our online catalogue today or contact us for more information!

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