What Is Kevin Federline Net Worth 2022?

Kevin Federline made his fortune as a rapper, model, actor, and dancer. Kevin Federline released just one album, titled “Рlауіng wіth Fіrе,” and it sold only a few thousand copies of it. He is most known for his relationship with Britney Spears, with whom he was previously married. Britney and Kevin: Chaotic was a reality television series that they produced and appeared in 2005.

He was a guest star on several television shows, including “The Drew Carey Show,” “Will and Grace,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” and “One Tree Hill.” Every month, hе receives 20 thousand dollars from his ex-wife Вrіtnеу Ѕреаrѕ, as child support.

The net worth of Kevin Federline reported by is $1.5 Million as of 2022.

Early Life

On March 21, 1978, he was born in Fresno, California, with the real name of Кеvіn Еаrl Fеdеrlіnе. His financial circumstances at the start of his life were less than ideal. His fаthеr was an oil refinery worker in the neighborhood, and his mother was a former Bank seller. Due to his misfortune, his parents divorced when he was just eight years old. He moved to Nevada, United States, where he lived with his mother, before later relocating to Fresno, California, with his father. When he was going through many difficulties, his education suffered greatly.

Having realized that academics were not his strong suit by the time he was a teenager, despite his continued low academic performance, he was growing more involved in performing arts, such as singing and dancing, with dance being his primary focus. In the ninth grade, he dropped out of high school to pursue his passion of becoming a performer in the entertainment industry. He never completed high school, but he was able to get a General Educational Development Certificate in the long run.

Personal Life

After meeting actress and singer Shar Jackson in the early 2000s, Kevin Federline started dating her, and eventually, they got engaged. Kevin Federline and Britney Spears first met at a Hollywood nightclub in 2004. The two were drawn to one another and started dating. Kevin Federline ended his engagement to Shar and started seeing Britney. In July 2004, they were engaged, and it was only three months later that they were married in Studio City, California. But because of the gap in fame between the two of them and the haste with which they tied the knot, their marriage received a great deal of media attention. Britney was a very successful pop artist at the time, and every element of her life was extensively covered in the media. When the couple split in 2007, Kevin was awarded custody of the children following a lengthy court struggle. In 2008, he started dating Victoria Prince, a former volleyball player, and the pair tied the knot following year.


Kevin Federline began his professional dancing career as a backup dancer. He became a member of Dance Empowerment, a non-profit organization. Later in his career, he performed for artists such as Pink, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child, and LFO. After his marriage to Spears, he started to sing professionally. He recorded his first studio album, Playing With Fire. This album received a lot of positive feedback. This album contains the majority of his most well-known hits.

Apart from that, Kevin Federline participated in some music videos. Johnny Knoxville net worth He has featured in some television programs over his career as an actor. Nikki, Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, Celebrity Fit Club, Excess Baggage, and One Tree Hill are just a few of the shows that stand out. Kevin Federline also had an appearance as a guest on rapper Ya Boy’s song, titled You Should and Expectations, in which he sang a line.

In addition, he made an appearance in the WWE stadium to advertise his album. On the October 16th episode of WWE Raw, he instigated a beef with John Cena. In 2008, he had a cameo appearance in the film ‘The Onion Movie’ and afterward starred in television programs such as ‘One Tree Hill,’ and ‘Celebrity Fit Club,’ where he played a supporting part. Later in 2012, he made frequent appearances on the television program ‘Excess Baggage,’ which aired on NBC. Since then, with his marriage split to Britney, he has remained out of the spotlight. He is now working as a DJ. You will need to know about Johnny Knoxville net worth.

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