What are the advantages of having cable TV in 2022?

There was a time when having a cable TV subscription was considered to be one of the most valued facilities to have at home. It used to be a convenient way to stay connected to the world, watch your favorite shows, live sports, news, etc. But with technological advancements, there were innovations introduced to mankind that changed all the trends.

OTT platforms stole all the limelight from cable TV and transformed viewing habits completely. Netflix and Amazon Video managed to grab all the attention of the viewers and offered them a convenient way to access all the content. The flexibility that came with the streaming services confused a lot of people in cutting the cord and thinking that OTT platforms are the only way to survive the evolving entertainment industry.

But the truth is, cutting off your cable connection is never the ideal way to go. Streaming sites might have all the charm attached to them and without a doubt offer a great variety of content but this doesn’t mean you have to follow the cord-cutter revolution.

The reason you might be pondering to cut the cord can be the bad selection of your TV plan too. so rather than going completely out of the way and ending your cable TV subscription you can try your hands on a good TV package. For that we recommend you check out Spectrum Gold Package as it offers you up to 200+ channels and the option to access thousands of on-demand movies and shows.

That’s more like having the best of both the cable TV channels as well as on-demand content!

Now that you have a good reason to hold on to your cable connection let us tell you a few advantages of having cable TV in 2022:

Catch up on all the upcoming TV shows

TV shows are a great reason to keep your cable connection close. The thrill that comes with waiting for the next episode of your favorite show is unmatchable. And if you’re thinking that the entire show will be available on a streaming site at some point and you’ll watch it in one go then you must have great patience because at least we can’t wait till the season end. And what if you get spoilers from somewhere? We guess keeping a cable TV connection is a safer option.

Live programming

You can watch all that you want on streaming services but what about the live events? If you enjoy the Olympics, Super Bowl, or live sports match then cable TV is your ultimate lifesaver as it’s been offering live programming for years now.

Buffer-free entertainment

The pain of dealing with slow internet is real and we have all felt that at some point where we just wanted to enjoy our favorite movie and our internet connection was not cooperating. With cable TV you don’t have to worry about buffering In the middle of a show at all as it offers pure buffer-free entertainment.

Wide range of networks

One of the best reasons to keep your cable connection is that you get to access a wide range of networks and enjoy all sorts of content with them. Whether you’re a movie lover, a sports enthusiast, finding content to keep your kids busy, looking for cooking shows, or want to stay updated with live news, TV services have a channel for everything to offer. Like we mentioned earlier the Gold package from spectrum solely offers you 200+ channels.

Flexible TV plans

Almost all cable TV providers offer you a different range of channel lineup that varies according to the number of channels so viewers can pick the one that best meets their needs. Some of the providers even offer you an option to customize your TV package, pick channels that you watch the most, and exclude the ones that you rarely tune into.

So that you don’t feel like paying extra money for something you don’t even watch. This makes your TV plan cost-effective and adds more value to your money.

Amazing bundle options

The best part about having a TV service is that you can always bundle it with other services and save up a lot on your bills. It’s up to you if you want to bundle it up with the internet connection at your home or your phone services too. The more services you add to your bundle, the more discounted prices you get to enjoy.

Also if you do not watch TV a lot but your internet usage is high you can sign up for a basic channel lineup and opt for a high-speed internet connection. Either way, you’re saving on a combined bill, more than you could while paying individually.

No need for an expensive high-speed internet plan

We all know how fast internet speeds are required to stream content smoothly. so in case, your internet is slowed down you’ll be left with no entertainment. This is why we don’t suggest cutting cords completely to switch to streaming services as it comes with great dependency on internet connection.

On the other hand, cable TV offers us entertainment throughout our rainy days without having to worry about traffic, bandwidth, or any other issue.

Final words

No matter what your reasons are to cut down the cord we would only suggest you reconsider them and look into the advantages of keeping cable TV as its evergreen source of entertainment.

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