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Larger New England communities sometimes overlook the state capital of Connecticut, yet it is completely worth checking out. The home of two American literary titans, Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe is accessible to everyone in Hartford, offering numerous activities for bibliophiles.

Things to do East Hartford CT

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Because it requires only five hours to go over the Founders Bridge from one downtown to the other, many of the greatest things to get done in the area could be discovered in East Hartford.

  • Gilman-Hayden House: Continue north on Main Street until you reach a tiny historical landmark in East Hartford’s rural/residential neighbourhood.
  • Pratt & Whitney Hangar Museum: On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you could explore a hangar on the Pratt & Whitney Campus to see a display of engines dating back to the firm’s beginnings and up to the twenty-first century.
  • Hartford: Hartford, like its neighbour across the river, has a shady image, yet it has all of the cuisine, culture, and amusement that you would expect from a big city.
  • Connecticut Science Center: After crossing the Founders Bridge, this science centre, which has nine floors of hands-on, academic fun, would be your first stop.

Parks in Hartford CT

Connecticut boasts of various great parks, ranging from splendid woodlands to beach retreats. Spending a day outside basking in the sun, whether it’s in the wild or in neat, groomed gardens. After a fun day outdoors, remember to search for ticks when you go back to your place.

  • Elizabeth Park: This beautiful inner-city park serves as a green lung for the state capital of Connecticut. The big rose garden and wide pedestrian loop in Elizabeth Park are the park’s highlights, offering a pleasant route for joggers and dog walkers.
  • Colt Park: It is nestled in southeast Hartford and is a terrific spot to bring the children.
  • Pope Park: You could start playing basketball, baseball, softball, or soccer, which is nestled in Harford’s Frog Hollow area. The spray pool and playscape would be a hit with the children.
  • Goodwin Park: It is a magnificent area to stay energetic in Hartford, with a workout circuit, basketball court, playscape, tennis courts, hiking paths, swimming pool, and spray pad.

Things to do in New Hartford CT

New Hartford, Connecticut, is a little town with many personalities and intriguing places to visit. The fall and winter seasons lend an equally special beauty to the town with superb ski slopes and magnificent foliage.

  • Satan’s Kingdom State Recreational Area: Its moniker has a habit of trying to scare people away, but don’t let it scare you away. Here, you would not discover any fallen angels or demons, but you would discover some lovely, lush flora and a famous river for tubes.
  • Connecticut Valley Winery: Tourists are happy to share visits to the vineyard to study more about how the wine was produced. The winery is also accessible to people who are just beginning to grasp about wines.
  • Farmington River Tubing: It offers great excitement as you paddle down a river on the tube’s top. You would go on a 2.5-mile journey down a series of rapids that you could undertake with your friends or alone if you are courageous enough.
  • Ski Sundown: Winter is rendered even nicer at Ski Sundown, with extraordinary circumstances, maintained routes twice a day, breath taking scenery, and even more magnificent sunsets.
  • Jerram Winery: It is nestled in New Hartford’s historic Town Hill district, is a culturally and historically important site in Connecticut. It is unique in that it has a lengthier blooming period than most.
  • Collinsville Antiques Company: Whenever you visit this antique company, you will be greeted with New England’s largest antique shop. It is your entryway to tons of amazing and unusual things like jewellery, furniture, lights, collectables, or simply some amazing trinkets.

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