Transform your home with a statement chandelier

Charming and elegant lighting fixtures can add an opulent touch to your home like you’d never expect. Bright and sharp lighting fixtures can completely transform your home as they hold the power to accentuate the look of your living space by a significant margin. A graceful lighting fixture can create a highlight in your indoors and add depth and sharpness to your interior to change the visuospatial perception of your home. And that is exactly the reason why you need statement lighting right now. Statement lighting can not only let your home speak for itself but can also lend a strong aura to your living space.

The White Teak Company offers an extensive range of chandeliers that are very visually appealing and with our fine designs, we try to show you how a modern chandelier can completely change the face of your home. Now take a look at our recommendations that can amp up your home just like you want.

Modern chandeliers to spice up your common spaces

If you’re looking forward to creating a massive highlight at your home then your best shot is installing a lighting fixture in any of your common spaces, preferably your living room. Now a standout statement fixture can be anything ranging from a ceiling light to a pendant light but chandeliers have this entirely different mesmerising touch.

Our recommendations for this space start with Touch The Clouds. This chandelier is as graceful as intriguing its design is. White Christmas Antler is another chandelier that can completely transform your space. And if you want to go all out with your decor and you have enough space to accommodate a large lighting fixture, then Red Carpet is the best choice for you. This enchanting opulent beauty is the quintessential piece in our collection.

And if space is really not a constraint, then you can very well adorn your home with a double-height chandelier like Caesar’s Palace or Twist in the Tale or Thousand Stars. Each one of them is a beauty that totally redefines the concept of a statement piece.

Lighting fixtures to complement your statement piece

A statement piece is often used as a standalone lighting fixture in the space and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But who doesn’t like an extra touch of elegance at their home? And to achieve that, we suggest going with a beautiful table lamp or a stylish floor lamp. A floor lamp is more likely to complement the look of your chandelier compared to any other lighting fixture. And we suggest going with a piece like Addiction to balance out the lighting of your space. Or if you feel like going with a table lamp due to space constraints or any other reason then consider going with Work Your Way. This smart table lamp is capable of balancing out the lighting too besides being aesthetically pleasing.

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