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Top 10 Exciting Things to Have on Your Holiday Gift Giving List


Christmas is just four months away!

We were constantly reminded by our moms to behave almost all the time during our childhood, especially if Christmas is fast approaching. Otherwise, Santa Claus will not anymore bother to visit us to give us gifts. Santa seemed to be more powerful throughout the year than our dad’s angry stare because we do not want to commit a single mistake as we do not want to miss a gift from Santa. In fact, due to the child protection laws, our dads’ belts have long already gone, yet the thoughts of Santa’s gifts or rewards are still an instant reminder to every child to behave all the time.

Aside from the naughty children that we used to mind during the Christmas season, we also become swamped preparing our Christmas needs and what things to buy for Christmas Eve to save our money. Surprisingly, most of us make our top ten lists of our Christmas needs, particularly those we will gift.

In making a top ten list of your Christmas shopping needs, you may consider the recipients of the gifts and the one of a kind gifts you want to give. Of course, that would vary according to the needs and wishes of the ones who will receive the gifts. You may also consider the number of people you want to give gifts to as it may exceed the first proposed number. However, you need to concentrate on your top ten priority list. Of course, these people are the ones you love most and who make you feel happy not only for the rest of the season but for the rest of your life. Festive Finds gives out creative ideas for gifts and wraps that could make your gift memorable.

Again, prioritise the people on your top ten lists. Anyway, you can make another list for other members of your family such as your relatives and close friends. Your other list may include the persons who have helped you most of the time or the persons who have showered you with affection during your troubled times, and as a reward for their concern, you may give them Christmas gifts but do not exceed your budget.

Here is a list of ten thrilling housewarming gifts suggestions you can share for Christmas:

  1. Men’s shades – Cool dark shades are recommended for great working dads to suit their office uniform or coats and wardrobe. This is a fairly simple and non-pricy gifting option.
  2. Trendy Gadgets – Internet-capable cell phones, iPhones, iPad and others would be great Christmas gifts for young people like teenagers. They would always love to receive gadgets.
  3. Ticket concert or movie pass – This is an excellent present for a couple of friends who love to enjoy moments with each other.
  4. Bonsai Tree – This is recommended for a neighbourhood friend who loves plants. You can obviously browse through online websites to find the most reliable and competitively priced plants from flower delivery in Mumbai service.
  5. Completely installed blog site or website – A friend or a relative who loves surfing the internet would be grateful to have their own website or blog site, especially if they are into online business.
  6. YouTube “thank you” video – This is one of the gifts that cost next to nothing. If you are on a shoestring, tightly wound budget, this would be the perfect gift for you! Is not it surprising to see yourself on YouTube with a voice-over whose primary purpose is to thank you for all the good deeds you have done to them?
  7. Personalised keyboard – A college student can be gifted with a personalised computer keyboard. We all know that most college students are into computer jobs, especially during thesis writing or report writing.
  8. Netbook – Do you have a teenage girl in your family? Well, this might sound like an expensive gift, but giving an internet-able netbook to your beloved teenage girl would surely put her in a euphoric mood. You may personalise it with some gorgeous soft pastel looking embellishes.
  9. Women’s trendy reading glasses – Mothers would love to receive fashionable reading glasses that complement their clothes, shoes and bags.
  10. Xbox Game console – You may also gift your naughty kid with a brand new Xbox game console as a reward for being friendly and behaving for the Christmas season

Christmas gift-giving is a time-honoured tradition worldwide. Regardless of what reasons you have for sharing, Christmas gift-giving is always considered one of the most stressful activities during Christmas. So, it is essential to plan and prepare a list for it. To ensure that your gift is given with so much thought, you may put a personalised message on every present that you want to share in the holy spirit of Christmas


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