Time to Wash Away Your Shampooing Myths!

But before that, we need to understand how shampoo’s work.

A primary function of a shampoo is to cleanse your hair and scalp from dust, oil and grime. However, with a plethora of choices now available and unending shampoo beliefs, it can get difficult to figure out which shampoo works best for your hair and what the right shampoo practices are.

There are several myths around washing your hair that can gravely damage your locks.

Myth #1: More The Shampoo I Use, Better The Results

False! The quantity of the shampoo should depend upon the volume of your hair. Too much shampoo could be washing a lot of money down the drain and too little shampoo won’t give your hair the desired results.

So, if you have short to medium length hair, aim for the size of a coin. If you have long hair, you’ll want to use twice as much.

Myth #2: Any Shampoo Will Work For My Hair

Nope. A sign that a shampoo is not right for you is if it causes dryness after a few days of use. It excessively strips the hair and scalp of its natural oils leading to hair becoming dry and eventually leading to hairfall.

So, how to choose the right shampoo to prevent hair fall? That’s simple! Choose a daily shampoo with mild ingredients that suit your hair and scalp’s individual needs. A shampoo, that maintains the right balance of oil and hydration to create a healthy environment for hair to prosper. For instance, Pantene 2-in-1, shampoo + conditioner in one bottle, is paraben and sulphate free and reduces hairfall* to give you more good hair days!

*hairfall due to breakage

Myth #3: Washing your hair very often will cause more hairfall.

It’s recommended that you should shampoo your hair on alternate days, but if you step out often and your scalp is oily, then you can cleanse your hair on a daily basis.

Myth #4: You need to change your shampoo every few months.

Why would you change something if it’s working well for you? It isn’t easy to find a shampoo that suits your hair, so you should stick to what works. Product build-up is an understandable fear, but it doesn’t warrant changing your shampoo. Just use a different shampoo once a month and you’ll be fine.

Aside from believing in these myths, there are some common shampoo mistakes we all make. For instance, we forget to brush our hair before shampooing and then hope to tackle the tangles in the shower. That’s as good as giving hairfall an open invitation. Next, we often cannot resist a nice hot shower after a long day. But this only causes damage to our scalp. Room temperature water is always recommended. Avoid extremes. We’ll leave you with one last tip: Make sure your hair is soaking wet before shampooing.

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