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These are the coolest cities for a winter city trip


Most people go on holiday once, maybe twice a year to recharge. Of course, it is great to lay down on a beach bed for a fortnight in summer, but the downside is that , afterwards, you have to wait a long time for your next holiday. Therefore, plan a short city trip several times a year. You’ll be amazed at how much energy you can get from a weekend in a completely different environment! In this article, we take you through the best destinations for a city break in winter.

1. Copenhagen

This modern city in Denmark is definitely worth a visit. The city is bursting with museums. And not just with historical art, modern artworks are represented here too. The historic city center, especially Strøget street, is also very inviting. Here you can wander through time and occasionally warm up in one of the many shops. If a good layer of snow has fallen, the Christiansborg and Amalienburg palaces are wonderful to see. And if you go to Copenhagen around Christmas, you will never forget the cozy Christmas markets in the gardens of Tivoli. After all, it’s the biggest Christmas market in the whole of Scandinavia! Pack a thick woolen jumper (Dutch: wollen trui heren) if you travel to Copenhagen, as it can get quite cold here. But it’s definitely worth it!

2. Rome

When you think of Rome, you probably think of lots of history and ancient buildings – in the sun. But don’t be fooled, even in winter Rome is a truly beautiful city to visit. Culture buffs will feast their eyes, because you really feel like you are in a history book. Every street and town square is bursting with imposing buildings and charming terraces. A huge advantage to visiting Rome in winter is that queues at popular sights like the Pantheon or Colosseum have vanished. In addition, walking through St Peter’s Basilica is a lot less hot, allowing you to concentrate better on all the beauty on show. It doesn’t get really freezing cold here anytime soon, averaging around 10 degrees in winter.

3. Budapest

Also called the ‘jewel on the Danube’: Budapest is truly a must-see in Europe. The Hungarian capital gets pretty chilly in winter, but you’ll soon warm up from the incredible atmosphere around the holidays. Stroll through the many districts with the most beautiful sights and end your day in one of the 123 thermal and 400 mineral baths. It’s like a culture and wellness weekend in one. Do it!

Pack smart: be prepared for everything

In autumn and especially in winter, the weather is a lot less predictable than in summer. Not only do you need more luggage space for long trousers and a thick woolen jumper, you also need to think carefully about what kind of jacket you bring. If you are not sure about dry weather, you better be prepared for it. That way, you avoid having your city break ruined by rain showers. Invest in a warm and stylish raincoat, because with it your plans won’t just fall apart!

Hopefully, you have been inspired to get out and about more often (briefly). Have a nice trip!

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