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The Role of Transitional Living in Addiction Treatment Recovery


Between inpatient treatment for substance abuse and life in sober living, there is the option of transitional living. It provides patients with a regimented treatment plan for alcoholism to follow. There are programs designed specifically to treat recovering addicts who are afflicted with the disease of alcoholism or drug dependence. These programs are referred to as transitional living programs.

Initially, alcoholics and/or addicts will deny that they have a disease, and as a result, they will require an intervention. An intervention is when members of the alcoholic’s or addict’s family get together to confront them and try to persuade them that they require alcohol and drug treatment. The power of the intervention lies in the fact that, in most cases, family members are prepared to cut off all ties with the alcoholic or addict if they continue to reject the idea of receiving treatment for their substance abuse problem.

After going through alcohol and drug treatment, many people discover that they are unable to continue their stay for the full amount of time required due to financial constraints. The arrangement of Transitional Living is the best possible choice because it provides many of the same services as alcohol and drug rehab at a much more affordable price. People are able to maintain the treatment gains made while undergoing alcohol and residential drug treatment with the assistance of Transitional Living. There are programs that offer transitional living arrangements that are catered to a particular gender.

The number of people who can participate in the transitional living program at any given time is capped at six, and individual bedrooms are offered. It is different from alcohol and drug treatment that takes place in a hospital or in a residential treatment center for alcohol and drugs in that it provides increased levels of freedom and responsibility. These include the opportunities to volunteer for community services and/or to obtain part-time or full-time employment. Additionally, it differs from other types of alcohol and drug treatment in that it allows for more personal autonomy.

Meetings based on the 12-step model of addiction recovery are an integral part of transitional living programs. These programs require participants to maintain daily contact with an AA or NA sponsor. In addition, clients are submitted to unpredictable drug screenings. In addition, all of your travel and lodging expenses will be covered for you.

In addition, transitional living facilities offer ongoing support groups and educational programming with the aim of preventing relapse and cultivating life skills, coping skills, and other similar attributes. These goals are similar to those of other similar types of facilities. All of the drug and alcohol counseling groups that are included in transitional living are led by professionals who have the appropriate credentials.

Individual psychotherapy, family therapy, and marriage counseling are all available through the programs that are offered, despite the fact that transitional living is considered to be a less restrictive level of care than other levels of care. As part of the transitional living program, a variety of free family support groups are made available to participants.

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