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The fastest caricaturist lives in Poland

His humorous drawings have been published in the Polish press for many years, and all Poles know the characteristic SADURSKI signature with which he signs each of his works. A few days ago, he appeared again on a well-known TV show. Meet Szczepan Sadurski, a cartoonist from Poland

Interesting facts about Sadurski

In his artistic professional life, Sadurski did many interesting things. He created drawings for the most famous newspapers in Poland, including the famous satirical weekly Szpilki. It was in the mid-1980s. Journalists then asked him in interviews when his drawings would start popping out of everyone’s refrigerator.

Soon he realized the dream of his youth. He set up a publishing house and began publishing Dobry Humor, a small newspaper with jokes and humor. Soon his small happy publishing empire was publishing 5 nationwide titles every month. Dobry Humor (Good Humor) exceeded 200,000 copies. Fans across the country were counting down to the day when his next issue would go on sale. Fan clubs of readers – fans of Sadurski’s jokes and magazines – were formed.

Sadurski creates drawings for the press and advertisements. Illustrates books and school textbooks. In 2001, he even created a cheerful organization. The Good Humor Party quickly gained the status of an international organization. Currently, it has 6,000 members (this is how many ID cards have been issued) in various countries around the world. These are just some curiosities (ciekawostki) from the life of this famous satirist.

Famous caricaturist for hire

20 years ago, the event industry became interested in Sadurski’s talent. Since you draw such funny drawings, you will definitely do well as an event caricaturist! He created portrait caricatures in his youth, but now he remembered the secrets of their execution. He began to be invited to company events and weddings. He drew better and faster, gained a lot of experience.

In the last 10 years, Sadurski from has created over 50,000 cheerful portraits for over half a thousand events. He got to know every part of Poland, going professionally to events. He was invited to events, festivals and exhibitions in Europe, USA and Australia. He was a special guest of festivals in France, Armenia and Australia. How the juror of the competitions assessed the works of the best caricaturists in Turkey, Sweden and Poland.

In New York newspapers wrote that Sadurski was one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. Hardly anyone believes that one caricature can be created in just 100 seconds. This is what was written about him in 2012, but Sadurski was not drawing as fast as he is now!

Currently, Sadurski is best known for creating caricatures. A documentary is currently being made about it. We will learn many unknown facts from his life. Maybe he’ll tell viewers what to do to draw caricatures in record time.

Warsaw capital of Poland. Interesting fact

On July 2, 1956, Kim Il Sung, the leader of North Korea, came to Warsaw for a visit. The next day he visited Warsaw. He visited a car factory in the Zerań district and saw the final construction works of the Praga II housing estate. He also visited the 10th Anniversary Stadium, and in the evening, together with the delegation, he walked around the Old Town rebuilt until the war, where he briefly stopped at a cafe. Kim Il Sung also visited the great building that was built after the war: the Palace of Culture and Science. This was followed by an official meeting with the Prime Minister of the Polish government, Jozef Cyrankiewicz.

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