The 5 Most Populous American States & Why So Many People Move There

California (Population: 39,600,000+)

It’s no surprise that people want to live in California. First of all, the weather is incredibly mild and it rarely rains. While that’s bad for the crops, it’s great for going outside and enjoying a beautiful day. There are also an abundance of jobs available, particularly in the tech field. For those that can’t afford to live in Silicon Valley right away, there are still jobs available outside the area for those looking to rise up in the ranks and perhaps someday land a job at Apple or Facebook.

California also has a reputation for being very laid-back and friendly, and it’s true. Californians have a certain zen nature to them that is definitely good for your mental health. Speaking of health, California is much more health conscious, as well as environmentally conscious, so it’s no wonder why young people are still moving to California. Oh, and of course, there’s Hollywood. For those looking to make it big in show business, California is your spot.

Texas (Population: 29,700,000+)

We all know Texas is one of the biggest states, so it makes sense it’s one of the most populous. It’s also one of the top states people are moving to this year. This is because the Texas economy is incredibly strong. While their unemployment rate is somewhat low considering the pandemic, there are still a wide variety of jobs available in a variety of industries. Big businesses are also moving into Texas, particularly in technology and engineering, that are drawing in a younger crowd. While the average salary is pretty decent, the low cost of living really makes Texas a smart move financially for those looking to start or advance in their careers.

Florida (Population: 21,900,00+)

Florida is an easy one. Why do people move here? Well, I imagine it has to do with the incredibly warm sunny weather. We don’t call it the sunshine state for nothing. Florida is known as a place to retire, and it’s no wonder a lot of older people want to spend their days in this beautiful state, enjoying a life along the beach or swimming pool all year long. But, Florida is not just nursing homes. The night life in cities like Miami are what brings in a younger population, and the low costs (no state income tax!) are definitely a huge plus for residents of all ages.

New York (Population: 19,200,000+)

The state of New York may have over 19 mil. citizens, but the biggest percentage of them call New York City their home. NYC is an expensive place to live, but it hasn’t deterred people, young and old, from coming here to pursue their dreams. There’s just something about living in a place that’s so massive and bustling that makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger in this world. People move here for all kinds of reasons, including career opportunities, fame, and the incredible diversity in the city. This can be incredibly appealing for those who hail from a small town. The city is a symbol of culture, American history, art, and life, and you’d be hard-pressed to find another city this breathtaking in the country.

Pennsylvania (Population: 12,800,000+)

You may be surprised to know that Pennsylvania is one of the most populous states in the country. In fact, when you’re looking at size, it ranks 33rd. Why, then, are there so many people here? First of all, Pennsylvania is an incredible place to work or start a business. There are tons of well-paying jobs available, even considering today’s job market.

Cities like Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh are also more affordable than other metropolitan areas, and you also get to enjoy the beauty and history of one of the country’s first states. Just take a look at Philadelphia or Pittsburgh houses for sale. You’ll see that they’re surprisingly cheap compared to other major cities with similar populations and job opportunities. There are also a lot of great smaller cities as well, like Scranton, that are ridiculously affordable but provide great opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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