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Tackle the Water Coolers Problems At Home

Water cooler machines are just like any machine. There will come a time when it does malfunction or faces a minor problem. Not all problems require you to call the maintenance service. You can remedy some of the water cooler issues on your own.

Essential Things to Remember For Maintenance

Maintenance is essential for all kinds of water coolers. Maintenance is important, whether mounted on a wall or directly connected to the water supply source or bottled water cooler.

Proper maintenance ensures the proper functioning and longevity of the water cooler. The water cooler needs a thorough cleaning service once a year.

Always get the experts of RO service near me in Delhi, which covers all the different cleaning elements. You, too, can do these steps. First, unplug the water dispenser before cleaning and cleaning the surface and faucets.

You must clean the water tank with a scrub brush if you have a bottled dispenser. Change the bottle every few months as well. Replace the filters every 6 to 9 months and sanitise the water cooler.

If Not using for some time, Turn It Off

Turn off the water purifiers if you leave the house for more than 3-4 days. Water purifiers always stay on and are strong enough to handle it. But since it is a machine, it might malfunction if left on for days without use.

Occasionally switching it off can work wonders for the machine. It helps in the upkeep of your water dispenser. Clean your water cooler regularly. Clean the wire grid across the back of the water purifier to eliminate all the lint and dust. Use a brush to clean the area or vacuum it. Do not lubricate the compressor. It has an air-tight seal. Unplug your water purifier whenever it’s out of water.

Thoroughly Clean the Cooler

Before you call the water purifier service in Delhi, try cleaning the water cooler at home. Unplug the cooler before you start cleaning the water cooler. Remove the water source you ensure there will be no water spill.

Cleaning the inside of the water cooler means removing the water guard. Remove carefully, so there is no damage. Use warm water and mild soap to wash the parts of the water cooler. Clean with a non-abrasive sponge. After the soap wash, rinse carefully, and air dry to ensure no smell or soap is left.

Follow Sanitising Instructions

Check the sanitising instructions for your water cooler. Sanitise the cooler every three to six months. Improper sanitisation can lead the water to have a funny taste. Avoid mixing two different types of cleaners. Stick to the one you generally use.

Use Natural Cleaners

You can clean the water cooler with a liquid solution or use a natural liquid like vinegar. It cleans the contaminants and dirt from the water cooler thoroughly. Vinegar is the best natural solution to clean the water cooler. It not only cleans but also disinfects the water.

Mix one cup of distilled vinegar and three parts of hot water. Then fill the reservoir of the water cooler with this solution. Gently scrub with a brush to clean the inside of the reservoir. Leave the solution for a few minutes so that interior parts soak it. After cleaning, allow some cleaning solutions to flow out to clean the spouts.

After cleaning, fill the water in the reservoir and drain it. Do this process two more times to ensure all the cleaner is gone. Now plug the cooler back and then get fresh water in less than thirty minutes again.

Water Cooler Maintenance at a Commercial Space

Water coolers at a commercial need to maintain proper hygiene. It gets used by multiple people daily; therefore, hygiene is important. Fill the water cooler in an area free of suspended dust particles, insects and other hazards. Do not put the cooler on the ground or floor while filling it.

Use approved water hoses to fill the cooler. Ensure that the coolers’ lid is properly closed after filling them. It is not advisable to drink directly from the container. Do not open the lid to check the level of the water.

Keep a stack of paper cups along with the water cooler. People can drink water from the cups after they have poured the water into the cups from the cooler.

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