Sunglasses for every face shape

If you have tried different kinds of sunglasses you have noticed that some look great on you while others don’t match up to your face. Have you ever wondered why this happens? This happens because your face shape does not align well with the type of casual sunglass frame that you have chosen for yourself

First you must identify the kind of face shape that you have. Look at yourself in the mirror, observe the shape and contour of your face closely. This will tell you the kind of face shape that you have. The sunglass style that will look good on each face shape is different depending on the shape.

Heart-shaped face

If you have been endowed with a heart-shaped face, You should focus on sunglasses which would reduce the width of your forehead. You can go for thin or rimless glasses or light coloured frames which give an airy appearance to your face.

Oval shaped face

If you have been endowed with an oval-shaped face, you can carry out most of the glasses. You are free to experiment and try out different vintage sunglasses. However, in order to keep the balance of your face, go for sunglasses that are either Walnut in shape or wide and not very deep.

Oblong face 

If you have been endowed with an oblong face, then the length of your face would is more than the width of your face. In such conditions, you should opt for sunglasses which have more depth compared to the weight. This will make your face to look more balanced and shorter. You can also opt for glasses which have contrasting templates or decoration on the rims.

Square shaped face 

If you have been endowed with a square shaped face, you have a strong jawline and a broad forehead. You should opt for glasses which have more weight than depth and narrow glasses. You can also choose to go for oval sunglasses.

Diamond shaped face

This is the rarest form of face shape that has been observed. People who have a diamond face shape, they should go for rimless, oval or cat eye glasses. These glasses will reduce the width of their broad cheekbones and enhance the narrow forehead.

Round face shape

If you have a round face shape, it means the width and length of your face is almost similar and you do not have angular features. You should go for some trendy sunglasses which would make your face look longer and thinner. Thus, go for narrow, angular sunglasses which would add to the length of your face. You can also go for casual sunglasses with clear bridges and rectangular glasses.

Base down triangle

If your face is like a base triangle, then you most likely have a narrow forehead region with a broad cheek and chin region. To bring the narrow upper region of your face into emphasis, opt for glasses which are heavy on colour. You can also go for cat eye glasses.

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