Spells to heal a broken relationship

Magic offers hundreds of spells to heal a broken relationship, but we’d like to tell you only about two of them today. They are quite easy to cast and belong to white magic, which is why they’re also safe. However, don’t expect them to work miracles like you do from all spells you find on the Internet. These two spells can only improve your chances of making up and restoring your broken relationship. If you want to get the best results possible, work with a professional magic practitioner. If you don’t want to do it because you’re too shy or for any other reason, try to cast one of the spells described below at home. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

One such professional and experienced love spells caster that has taken it upon himself to offer to clarify on the matter is Spellcaster Maxim

Spells to heal a broken relationship

To prepare for spells to heal a broken relationship, put a candle on the table, light it, sit in front of it, and think what the most important thing for you is in your relationship, why you want to restore it, and what lengths you’re willing to go to to make your partner want to come back to you and be with you as long as possible. You should think about it for at least one hour because this is the minimum time needed to access one’s subconscious mind which can answer all these questions, unless you’ve practiced self-analysis before.​

Your subconscious mind, which is also known as your “True Self” or “The Dark Side of Your Mind”, has a unique ability to see the future and determine what exactly you need to be happy and live your life according to your fate and fulfill your life’s purpose. Try it and you may be quite surprised by the answers you learn. For example, you may realize you don’t really need the person who you want to make up with. This person’s given you everything he or she was supposed to give you, and it’s time to move on. Don’t be upset and don’t worry because your future relationship is going to be much happier than the one you’re fighting for now.

However, your subconscious mind can as well tell you your current partner is destined to you, so you have to get him or her back at all means. Unfortunately, people can maintain a happy and loving karmic relationship only if they are willing to change themselves in order to become a better person. Your subconscious mind will let you know what exactly you need to change in yourself. When it starts communicating any information to you, take a pen and write it down. You’ll get detailed instructions on how to restore your relationship. The key is to follow them and really want to change yourself.

If it turns out your relationship problems have to do with the fact that your partner is unwilling to change and you know that trying to make your partner change will only make him or her (by the way, this spell can be used by straight and gay people) mad and things will get worse, try to use a magic spell. The first spell you can try – it’s called a spell to heal a broken relationship – should be cast only when the moon is new.

Make a list of the qualities your partner has which need to be improved to make your relationship stronger, more loving, and to build trust in your relationship. Use a black ink pen and a white sheet of paper. Fold it four times and put it away. When it starts raining, go out and collect some rain water in a clean bowl. If possible, use a silver bowl. If you don’t have any silver dishes, use a glass bowl. Your glass bowl should be handmade.

Bring the water home and put the bowl on the table. Light three magic candles – white, yellow and blue. Put your partner’s photo under the bowl. The photo requirements are the same as for all relationship healing spells:

  • The subject should be captured in a good mood;
  • The subject should be captured when you were already dating;
  • There should be no other people in the picture;
  • There should be no posters, portraits or pictures of other people in the picture;
  • -There should be no pets in the picture;
  • It should be a full-length or at least half-length picture but not a portrait;
  • Neither the subject’s arms nor legs should be crossed;
  • The subject should be captured standing rather than sitting or lying;
  • The subject shouldn’t wear any hats;
  • The subject shouldn’t wear any sunglasses;
  • The subject should be looking straight at the camera.

Put the picture under the bowl and say the following spell 12 times very quietly, almost in a whisper,

“It’s not regular water, it’s healing water. It’s been sent from the sky, so it’s magical. It’ll rinse your body like a medicine, going through your cells straight to your heart. This water will heal you (your partner’s name), whether you’re bored or annoying with me, it’ll heal your sadness, disappointment and indifference towards me (your name). You’ll wash your body with living water reviving and changing you. You’ll become the person you need to be for us to be together forever. I love you and so you’ll love me too.”

Repeat the last sentence 3 times.

When you repeat the spell the required number of times, take the sheet of paper where you specified the qualities in your significant other you’re not quite happy with and set it on fire using the white candle. Let it burn down and throw the ashes into the water. Now take the yellow candle and start dripping its wax into the water, while saying,

 “I’m enchanting the channels keeping you on Earth.”

Now take the blue candle and start dripping its wax into the water, while saying,

 “I’m enchanting your thoughts, wishes and dreams!”

Now take the white candle and proceed in the same manner, saying,

“I’m enchanting our love!”

Let the water stand for three days. Then add seven drops into the tub every time your loved one takes a bath. The spell will improve your relationship slowly, yet the improvements will be quite significant.

A spell to heal a broken relationship

The second spell to heal a broken relationship can be cast by people who’re still satisfied with their sex life, so they can access the energy needed to cast the spell successfully every time they have sex.

Start with a three-week fast to lose at least 5-6 pounds. If you’re healthy weight or too skinny, don’t lose any weight and instead of fasting physically start an emotional fast which should also last for 3 weeks. Emotional fasting implies avoiding negative feelings, such as fears, anger jealousy, envy, etc. You should reach a state of emotional and physical lightness for a more powerful and effective ritual.​

This ritual is performed during sex, so you need to prepare yourself for it. First of all, take a contrast shower to boost your energy. Secondly, put new ironed sheets. Thirdly, light some incense. Fourthly, turn the light off and close the blinds. Fifthly, prepare yourself for the following sacral activity.

You don’t need to do anything extraordinary. Lie down on the bed next to your partner and start kissing and touching them until they’re lying on their back completely relaxed and not willing to move. Get on top of your partner gently, making sure your chakras touch one another. Breathe out and say,

“I’m connecting our first chakras!”

If your fast went well and your partner is actually destined to you, you’ll feel some warmth coming from your partner’s chakra and entering your chakra, indicating a new energy channel or your old channel being restored. Now repeat the ritual connecting your second chakras, then your third chakras, and so on and so forth. If your partner suddenly pushes you away and wants to leave, discontinue your heal a relationship spell immediately.

Perhaps, there is something preventing you from connecting with your partner through your energy and you need to find out what it is. If possible, contact an experienced spellcaster and find out if you and your partner are compatible from the energy and karma point of view. Find out if you’re meant to be together at all. Besides, remember that your partner may have some energy health issues and disorders, causing your partner to freak out every time someone tries to treat them. To treat such energy issues, find a professional magic service provider.

If everything goes well, repeat the ritual for each of the seven chakras. Then repeat this or similar spells to heal a broken relationship every time you’re together, even when you watch TV or go out for a walk in the evening.

Which direction you choose to go, spellcaster Maxim suggests that you keep at the back of your mind that performing rituals as a means of casting love spells is not child’s play. Check more article

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