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Shraddha Arya – The Influencer Creating Buzz


The digital marketing and social media world is consistently improving and expanding new horizons to monetize the immense expansion and growth in the creators economy.  India’s data revolution brought a new scope for users to consume. There has been a significant change in India’s trend towards social media and social media marketing. There are a lot of homegrown apps competing and offering a plethora of contents. Apps like Hipi have exclusive stars on their platforms like the Kundali Bhagya fame Shraddha Arya who enjoys a massive fan following, sharing and creating content.

Being the second largest populated country in the world, India has the world’s second largest internet users. With such a huge number India is a big market for social media and various other applications. While platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and whatsapp hold a significant share in the market, the homegrown short video apps have also gained huge popularity over time. The enormous success these apps have gained in the county has opened a new market for influencers and has revolutionized marketing.

The most independent and democratic way of creating content is through short video platforms. This is because the creator hidden within us, has come out in the open. It is easily accessible to masses and features are simple to understand and use. You can let loose your creativity through these short video apps as you don’t have to spend on expensive setups and investing much time. Influencers like Awez Darbar, Saurabh Gadhge, Yashraj Mukhate, and Saloni Gaur are famous names associated with the social media creator community. They started their journey of becoming an influencer through short video platforms and now are famous household names creating a lasting impact on users. The viewers have accepted snackable, fun content that mentally did involve much time in their busy lives.

One can’t deny that pandemic accelerated the growth of short video consumption, it also helped people stay inside their houses. Before covid hit the Indian creators economy was majorly over YouTube. However, the trend quickly changed during the pandemic. Creators shifted to short video apps as they saved time, were user friendly and easy to create videos. Making videos on YouTube was a difficult and lengthy task. Creators either used to hire editors or learn to edit on their own, get their own camera or camera operators for it. Although this is not the case with short videos, they offer a simple user interface with editing options needed and allow the creators to create multiple videos everyday.

Shraddha Arya, who has a huge fan-base on social media, recently posted an interesting video on her Hipi profile and asked her fans to like and follow it. Hipi, a short video making forum, lets you get as creative as you like to be. Not just that there are several contests ongoing weekly, more interesting opportunities and challenges on the application. For movie, entertainment and music enthusiasts, you can achieve your first breakthrough by dropping a fantastic video.

Hipi is a platform where you can get to know about your favorite artists, get a closer look into their reel life routine and view interesting videos that they share. Shraddha Arya, who enjoys a great fan following, invited her fans to track updates on Hipi as she had something to share on the forum. The Kundali Bhagya actor welcomed everyone on her Hipi account and announced that she would share a lot of fun content and share jokes with fans. She further said that she would regularly post a lot of makeup tutorials, tips and tricks for a perfect look. The most interesting part is that you can come face to face with the artist. The actor announced that her fans will witness her real side exclusively for Hipi followers.

In a very short period of time, Hipi has managed to gain the attention of netizens. With its enthralling offerings, HiPi has held many of its competitors. Many stars like Rohit Suchanti, Anahita Bhooshan, Rj Karishma, Leena Jumani, Shivangi Khedkar, Sai Ketan Rao,  and others have made fun and creative videos on the app.

The influence that these platforms have created on the social media market is enormous that even biggies like YouTube and Google have created their own short video platforms. With such an emerging trend and large impact in the digital world, short video apps are definitely the future of the creator economy.

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