Should you buy a new car or used car – it’s quite the dilemma.

If you are in the market for changing your current car or this is going to be your first purchase ever, then there are a number of things that you probably should consider before you put the money on the counter and get handed the keys. Like everything in life, it depends on how much money that you have to spend but if you have the full amount for a new car that will allow you to also have the option of buying a used car then making a decision can be quite difficult. There are pros and cons for each of these purchases and so you need to figure out which one is best for you.

There are many car dealers that have new and used cars for sale, so they don’t have a dog in this fight and they will be happy to sell you either one. If you have never had a new car before then it’s difficult for you to make comparisons to a used one and I suppose the only way that you will ever know is if you buy a new car in the first place. It’s difficult and so the following are just some of the benefits of buying a new car rather than purchasing a used one.

  • Its history is known – When you buy a used car, even though the odometer says it has done a certain amount of kilometres and you would love to believe the owner, there are still people out there that clock cars and so you never really know if the miles are true. With a brand-new car, there is no such ambiguity because you are the first person to own this vehicle and apart from a few delivery miles on the clock, you can be pretty much certain that it hasn’t been driven by anyone before. It has come directly from the manufacturer to the showroom and it will still have that new car smell. It is incredibly important that you get comprehensive car insurance to protect your new purchase.
  • It has all the latest features – Technology within cars changes quite quickly and so a car that is maybe 3 to 4 years old may not have some of the tech that you are currently looking for. Many new cars have excellent navigation systems as well as added safety features like airbags and speed control. Many new cars now come with voice control so that you can control many features within the car without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. This will provide you with a much safer driving experience and these features are very likely not available in the used vehicle.

These are only two of the reasons why you should buy a used car and believe me when I tell you that there are numerous more. If you have never experienced the new car smell then this is something that everyone should be able to experience once in their lives.

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