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Hi friends, maybe you wish to start out your journey to custom gifts for friends, or simply start to undertake the art business with doubts in mind. Perhaps you’ve got some experience in making goods and wish to undertake more. Don’t worry, we’ll facilitate your to grasp more about goods that fit green hands and advanced players.

Today we speak about the products that fit the green hands and also the beginners to begin their custom journey. Novice product recommendation:

No.1 Acrylic keychains.

Acrylic keychains are the No.1. they’re easy to draw with low prices and low MOQ. Most keychains start only with 3pcs in Vograce. The dreamland for tiny artists or beginners. you simply choose the type of keychains you like and upload your pictures. DONE! That’s very easy. you’ll try different keychains with different effects at Vograce after all. Of course, acrylic pins are the identical, and you’ll be able to choose the rear accessories freely at Vograce with different shapes and colours. Just sit reception and look ahead to your surprise package.

No.2 Wood pins.

Vograce has 4 wood options with different colors and you’ll be able to opt to customize wooden pins or keychains! it’ll be very environmentally friendly to own some cute wooden products. Beautiful wood with cute patterns you decide, how wonderful it’ll be! Vograce wood pins and keychains also are cheap with Low MOQ! Vograce upgrades the wood process and wooden products are without the black edge.

If you wish the black edge, you’ll also note it within the order. Vograce meets all types of customer needs.

No.3 Acrylic standees

Why not make a cute upright standing at the table smiling at you? Vograce acrylic standees are open for no MOQ! Custom one upright is ok! you’ll be able to just custom one standee with a friend’s picture and provides it to your friend. sit up for your friend’s screaming! Hold a giveaway to select followers and an acrylic standee together with your unique design to celebrate 2022! which will be a cool idea too. Of course, the worth is set by the world you wish, so it are often very cheap!

No.4 Phone grips

Yes, very cheap, popular and useful gifts! you’ll order by 3pcs and also the price is extremely low! Vograce has 2 types of phone grips, rectangle grips can lie on the phone stand comfortably, so you’ll see your phone easily once you see other devices by a glimpse. Round folded phone grips can stand on the table too and facilitate your to carry the phone more stably. all of them have different color options! Tell you a secret: rectangle grips have many cute colors!

No.5 Pillows

Cute shaped throw pillows are good choices to catch people’s eyes and be hugged! Your designs are going to be hugged by all of your friends! Vograce provides 4 varieties of pillow textures, and you’ll be able to just upload the image and buy. you’ll get the discount directly if you get over 6 pcs, the web site will show you the nice price. Well, delivering goods of huge volume will cost lots.

So if you’ll be able to have the custom throw pillows core in your house, just go, or the shipping fee will amaze you. But remember, just ordering the pillow cover is worthwhile!

No.6 Custom Notebooks

Only need 7$ for every notebook, and you’ll be able to custom 5 notebooks/design just one occasion. it’ll not cost lots, and you’ll enjoy custom happiness.

  1. Choose the notebook type (Vograce has 4 types.
  2. Upload your designs
  3. Wait and obtain your notebooks reception

Don’t worry about the file problems, Vograce will contact you if there are any problems.

Friends and followers will remember the nice artist or friend( yes you!) once they use the notebooks every time!

No.7 Stickers

Don’t forget the stickers. Yes, Vograce stickers are amazingly cheap, as an example, 50 pcs die cut stickers cost only $3! Crazy Vograce… At the identical time, Vograce has about 20 varieties of stickers: die cut stickers, Washi Tapes, vinyl stickers, holographic stickers, glitter stickers, clear stickers, etc. CMYK mode will fit all printing products, especially stickers. So you’ll be able to draw under CMYK mode.

So it’ll show the most effective colors on the products.

Monthly discount is coming soon!

Come and custom your Sticky Note

June 14 – June 15

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