Pandora Necklaces: Something to Look for this Winter

This article provides an introduction to some of the highlights in the Pandora Winter 2021 Collection. This is not a comprehensive review of every collection, but rather a selection of items to be found at Dorashop and described in more detail.

Let’s start with the fashion. A quilted silver faux fur jacket in two tones, with matching scarf and gloves, which comes in a gorgeous warm shade of heather grey. A gorgeous golden macrame nightie with lace detailing. A sparkly burgundy fringed shoulder shawl for a glamorous touch. Also in burgundy and copper, is a geometric grey taffeta dress with lace and applique details.

Quite a few different styles of “tasselled” sandals come into play this season, ranging from the boho flatform style to the high heel lace-ups and stiletto boots.

Winter Fashion with Pandora Necklaces

Pandora promises the most exquisite collection of Pandora bracelets and necklaces this season. Adorable pieces like the Pink Snowflake Disc and Rustic Key Charm Necklaces are just waiting to be worn this winter.

Jingle Bells Necklaces: Iconic Rings, Rings and Rings

Pandora also offers some cool themed rings. We love the Alice in Wonderland collection as it features a ring shaped like the White Rabbit, as well as amazing reindeer and Christmas-themed rings.

Meggings: A Gift to Wear Anywhere

There are several Christmas themed pajamas available too, in many different prints. Plus there are Christmas pajamas with patterns inspired by fashion, movies and other popular culture.

So why do we like the Pandora Necklaces so much?

PANDORA Necklaces are created to help people reflect their inner light, wherever they may be. Each piece embodies a sense of calm, making sure you are inspired to give others your best.

PANDORA products are hand-crafted in Germany. Please ask a sales associate for more information on custom orders.

Happy shopping!

The exclusive “Pandora” jewelry Series is available for purchase exclusively through online retailers including :

  • Pandora at Dorashop
  • Pandora at ASOS
  • Pandora at eBay
  • Pandora at Amazon
  • Pandora at Target
  • Pandora at Walmart


By no means is this a comprehensive list but I hope you now have a better understanding of some of the top fashion jewellery brands that we see these days. We will keep you posted on the latest trends and stories that we come across so stay tuned!

Fashion jewellery is just as much about feeling good and looking great than it is about the actual piece of jewellery itself. Your jewellery should represent your unique style, comfort level and personality so it needs to be just the right fit. We want to share with you the latest trends and also give you some inspiration for those pieces of jewellery that will make you stand out.

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